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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a Waste of Time

Tonight was the epitome of the Sharks season. The story was there to be written. The Sarich hit on Marleau was to be the turning point of the season. From that point on the Sharks grow up and win the Cup...oops! Coming off their most impressive performance of the post-season, the Sharks looked like they could throw their sticks on the ice and win this in 6. There was no passion and no energy shown. Earlier in the day I was watching the Wings/Preds game 6. The Wings showed what you should do to an inferior opponent. At the end of that game I wondering to myself. "Come on boys, that is how you close someone out." Again, watching the Ducks/Stars I saw the desperation the Stars played with knowing they didn't want to go to a game 7. Instead the Sharks flew to Calgary and played like "well if we win, great, otherwise we have game 7 in our barn." The inconsistency they have shown all season was there again tonight with no passion and energy.

-Campbell is playing like he has 2 broken arms. He was fumbling passes all night long. He was not alone as the Sharks were once again playing hand gernade hockey.

-Michalek has continued his disappearing act. Tonight was the ultimate as he led a 3 on 1 break only to stick handle the puck into the corner. Even Randy and Drew were speechless after that one. It felt like their was 5 mins of dead air after that play.

I am curious to see the stats on scoring chances as we had very few. Same old story, Sharks have more talent, yet their opponents are working harder and it shows.

It will be fun (but nerve racking) on Tuesday to have our first ever home game 7. If you believe in the Big Mo, you have to think Calgary has the advantage. The pressure is on the Sharks as they are the pre-playoffs Cup favorites so the Flames should be loose. They know they can win in the Shark Tank and the Sharks have to play like they did on Thursday.

Will both the Sharks and Ducks lose in the 1st round? What will become of BOC if that would to happen? I hate to find out......


Mr. Plank said...

Sharks in six, er, I mean seven.

All or nothing? Lord have mercy.

Mike in OC said...


Now that the Dcuks are gone I am ready to get behind SJ. But how can they ever expect to win against Dallas or Det. if they can not finish Calgary?

Kelpfreak said...

Right...because the Sharks absolutely HAD to win this game.

Let's hold off on the panic for another 24 hours, because the Sharks didn't, in fact, HAVE to win this game. Should we be concerned that they looked so uninterested playing game 6? Probably (I wouldn't know, having missed the game...rot in hell Versus and Time-Warner Cable). But I'm getting a little tired of "They don't have leadership or heart!" "They finally have leadership and heart!" "They don't have leadership or heart" from the talking heads after every game. The Sharks did not have their backs to the wall Game 6...the Flames did and they played accordingly. We'll see how they play in Game 7 before wiring the toe tag to this team--THAT'S the test.

The Sharks cruised through the first round the past few years and didn't get anywhere, so maybe some early "adversity" will do them some good.