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Friday, April 18, 2008

Goc Woc!

Marcel Goc hasn't played in the Calgary series. Playing in his stead? Jody Shelley. (This is a travesty.) Is this because Ron Wilson needs Shelley's toughness, or is it because Goc needed more time devoted to his writing? I prefer to believe the latter. His latest entry details the team's routine in Calgary and features an exciting passage about Joe Thornton's game-winning goal in Game 4. An excerpt:

When Joe scored, we were already down in the lockerroom and we all jumped up. I still don’t know how the puck got back to Dougie for the shot.

Great stuff.

(This doesn't have anything to do with anything, but how long do you think it takes Marcel to write one of these things? I choose to believe that he spends an entire day working on it. I also like to think of him wearing a fedora and typing on a typewriter.)


Earl Sleek said...

Jody Shelley. (This is a travesty.)

I think so too. I've always thought of Goc as somehow the Sharks' version of Sammy Pahlsson, but I guess he's the kind of Pahlsson that you don't need around playoff time.

Kelpfreak said...

Gahh...I should have pegged Shelley as a Goc-blocker...

Washington said...

Does anyone expect Marcel Goc to stand up for a teammate and fight if Calgary mucks it up? No. So seeing how the 4th line is getting no time anyway, might as well leave Shelley in for this series so things don't get stupid.

That is to say unless someone elbows Milan Michalek in the eye and cuts him. Maybe that'll wake him up.

And lay off the kid's blogs. It's actually pretty funny sometimes and he's from Germany. Of course his entries won't be Shakespeare.