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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Difference Between Us

You know how you guys felt all today? That's how I feel all the time.

Seriously, fuck you guys.

Also, Joe Thornton having a goal and an assist tonight doesn't prove that he's not clutch. It proves what he's proven in over 700 games; he's a really good hockey player.


John said...

You have no idea how we felt today! You haven't felt playoff hopefullness/anxiety/excitement for so long you don't remember what it was like. And as a result you write worthless bile. Goodnight now!

Earl Sleek said...

Could John secretly be a Rudy Kelly fan?

RudyKelly said...

Yeah, I'm confused. I've been defending Joe Thornton today.

Mina said...

I thought everyone was a Rudy Kelly fan.

Mr. Plank said...

Rudy Kelly doesn't need fans- his eyes are the only ones worthy of reading his words.

Terrible attempt at a Chuck Norris joke. For the record Rudy you've got a fan in meeeee.

Terrible attempt at a Randy Newman reference. Ah to hell with all this jargon.....

RudyKelly > Semi-anonymous people

Sqb. said...

All throughout the season, RudeKelly made up for the fact that BoC barely covered the Sharks. Now, he's actually covering the Sharks! Jiminy jackrabbits, RK. You're a player.

Anonymous said...

And just like that we are back in it!!

Hockey politics...What?

Nut said...

Of course he is now reporting for the Sharks, his namesake also moonlighted for them. Derek Jeter and Ryan Clowe will always be more well thought of than Rodriguez and Thorton. Players that wilt in the playoffs are like that son of a bitch in Saving Private Ryan that cries in the other room while his buddy gets knifed by the Nazi dude. However, doing something in last nights game helps Joe out a little bit.

And John you can go blow yourself.

Earl Sleek said...

Wow, people really like Rudy.

Me? I'm still not sure. He's always saying stuff like:

"Joe Thornton having a goal and an assist tonight doesn't prove that he's not clutch."

...when he really should be saying:

Joe Thornton having a goal and an assist tonight doesn't prove that he's clutch."

Double-negative police, in the house!

Spade-in-victorhell said...

Ducks win, lakers clinch #1 seed, dodgers actually win a fuckin game..the icing on the cake would have been the sharkies choking...alas they anti-choke..

damn it...I have to eat my cake without icing...fuck

Nut said...

Earl, just to be clear. I was defending the Kings and their fan's meager playoff memories, not Rudy.

RudyKelly said...

Wait, people were saying that Thornton was not clutch, so I was telling them that his goal tonight didn't necessarily dissuade their argument because basing their argument on one game or a few games is retarded. Right? I'm confused now too.

Oh, and I don't care what any of you idiots think.

Earl Sleek said...

Right? I'm confused now too.

Maybe so. I was thinking that with a GWG and assist, the argument would be that JT is now clutch, but as you say, one game is pretty slim to base any label on.

Oh, whatever.

Spade-in-victorhell said...

intresting series no doubt..exciting...i wish they had that game on instead of that wild-avs snoozer...wish vs. would switch games like the nfl does

Julian said...

Well I for one only think some of Rudy's bile isn't not worthless.

Hey Rudy, while you're cozying up to the rest of the BoC, how about a shout out for your buddy Chris Pronger! Right? Yeah!



Mike in OC said...

Ok I will post this here since Mike & PJ are MIA.

Great win for the Sharks. When they play their game in this seris, you can tell they are CLEARLY the better team.

Calgary fans I feel for you, but only if you had to watch that game from the Center Ice channel. Those guys talking were the biggest Sharks hommers I've herd. Because I am a Ducks fan it did not matter to me, but if I were a Flames fan and had to hear that I would go POSTAL.

Also, I now see the Hayward bitch. I love my team, but it got old hearing how every Dallas penalty was missed (they really got away with one) and every Ducks call was marginal. Get a grip Yo!

Earl Sleek said...

Strangely, last night was one of the few times that more often than not, I was nodding in agreement with Hayward. There were missed calls. His act does tire quickly, though.

Early in the 2nd (while already shorthanded), the Stars flipped the puck over the glass twice in a row, and Pronger scored on one of the 5-on-3s to make it 4-0.

It was entirely predictable that the refs, having no say in the over-the-glass ruling, would be pretty pro-Dallas for the remainder of the game, but it was crazy. The Stars got 5 more PPs the rest of the game; the Ducks got none, not even on the easy calls (two instances of too-many-men, and some textbook hooks).

I'm not saying that it was the worst I've seen, but really, I'm starting to be in favor of giving refs discretion to decide if over-the-glass should be a penalty. Even though last night worked out, I'd rather have the refs wave off one of those silly penalties than to try to "make up" for it in discretionary calls for the rest of the game.

Mike said...

Same kind of stuff happened in the Flames game too. Seemed the refs were more interested on calling roughly the same number of penalties on both teams then calling the plays right. Very frustrating.

Oh, and I'll add more fuel to the fire. There's no such thing as clutch.

Jesse said...

Rudy - you're hilarious. As a suffering Sharks fan, I can somewhat relate to the depression. Although, the "constantly coming up short" feeling is a bit different than the "constantly lousy" feeling.

Keep up the good work.

Kelpfreak said...

Center Ice last night was the FSN Bay Area (whoops, I mean Comcast Sports Network Bay Area) feed, so I think you can expect a little "homerism."

The CBC feed on Versus really chaps my ass, since it is supposedly a national feed. Where the hell do they get those guys? I was having flashback to 2006 against Edmonton when I was listening to Jim Hughson use the number of Edmonton shots that the Sharks had blocked as an indicator of how dominant the Oilers' offense was. And then two minutes later talk about how dominant the Oilers' defense was by the number of San Jose shots they'd blocked.

Everyone's teams fans are assholes, and every team's announcers are homers, I guess.

But Brian Hayward still sucks.

Earl Sleek said...

But Brian Hayward still sucks.

Yeah, I didn't want to give any impression that I very often agree with Hayward; in fact it's rather rare.

In the regular season, one of the reasons I've never live-blogged a game is because even if I'm at home on time, I won't start watching a game until an hour after puck drop. That way I can skip over obnoxious commercials and even more obnoxious Hayward intermissions.

Mike in OC said...

I won't start watching a game until an hour after puck drop. That way I can skip over obnoxious commercials and even more obnoxious Hayward intermissions.

That is pretty smart. I would try that except I am sure that I jinx the Ducks when I DVR the games. They always lose when I record.
They once went on a losing streak of like 5 games, and I knew it would contine until I erased the saved game I had on my DVR. I erased, they reversed the streak. What more proof would anyone need?

I know, I need help...

P.S. I guess I should erase that saved Kings game now...