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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kings Gameday: Guess the Aggregate!

LA Kings (geez) @ San Jose Sharks (48-21-10, 2nd in West)

7:30 PST, 1150 AM (or Fox Sports Bay Area)

(Catchy title, no?)

The Kings play out the string with two games against San Jose and a finale against Anaheim. Since I'm lazy and missed the last game (thank God), I'm asking you to guess the aggregate score for these final 3 games. My guess? 13-7. Whoever comes closest gets... I don't know, a hearty handshake.

Prediction: Kings lose, 4-2. Goals by Harrold and Zeiler. Why not?


Mr. Plank said...

I'm going with 9-5 in favor of the opposing teams.

Earl Sleek said...

I think the Kings end up taking one of these games, so let's say Opposition 8, Kings 6.

chris in torrance said...

Keep in mind that San Jose is pretty much a lock for the #2 seed and the Ducks are locked in at #4 so they will not have much to play for outside of not getting injured and may not put out a full effort. The Kings on the other hand are playing for some form of self respect and a spot on this team or another team (for the free agents) for next season. Kings might do better than you think. It's also some wishfull thinking on my part since I'm going to the final two home games and don't want to see them get pasted in both.

Since you didn't do a Kings Madness final 4 post, I'll use this one to brag that I called all 4 bracket winners!!

Earl Sleek said...

Oh yeah, speaking of brackets, I've neglected to provide updates to our multi-blog NCAA b-ball bracket bet.

The Play in CA has a nice breakdown, but essentially this is what it comes down to for us:

- If UCLA beats Kansas in the final game, BoC wins.
- If not, BoC loses.

No matter the outcome, though, I find it amazing that we haven't lost outright as of yet. Again, good pickin', Cheechew.

Commence your aggregate guessing; that is all.

Nut said...

Aggregate? Douche bag

Earl Sleek said...

Aggregate? Douche bag

Hmm, he left a signature but forgot to record his guess.

Nut said...

That zing was truly sleek