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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playoff Beard Thread '08: The (non)story of beards in '08 in one photo

Edit: This just hasn't been a good year for playoff beards. Good playoff year. Bad for beards.

Watching Steve Ott's team-leading beard got me to thinking: I'm doing a piss-poor job tracking playoff beards. So, from now on I'll be on a much more persistent beard watch, but I need your collective help.

Let me know if there any especially powerful beards as these playoffs go along as well as if there's any notable beard-related articles.

I think this year's seen a decline in beards what with the youthful Pittsburgh Penguins/Montreal Canadiens and the tragic loss of Lightningbeard Scott Niedermayer. Still, I know that Sidney Crosby is going all out and is working on sort of a molester mustache number, so there are definitely some stories to watch this year.

No Niedermayer; no Commodore; hell...no Al Gore. But we must persevere.

OH, the playoff story of the year has to be Jaromir Jagr's legendary "mo-tee" monstrosity (pictured alongside the MVB of '07, Scott Niedermayer. Photo credit goes to the boys at PensBlog, btw.)


No.7 said...


Sarah said...

I thought those mustaches went out of style in, say, 1945...

Morbo said...

Jeff "Del-Taco board" Friesen still gets Playoff molester mustache award.

RudyKelly said...

I was looking forward to Joe Thornton's beard, but alas, I don't think it's going to get a chance to bloom.

Scott Neidermayer's beard is the stuff dreams are made of.

Kirsten said...

Jagr should know that A.) it takes a real badass to pull off the landing strip look, and badass he is not. B.) He's old, by now he should have figured out what works for him. He won the Cup with Pittsburgh for Christ's sake.

The loss of Special Nied's beard is indeed tragic, but it would be more tragic if he didn't play for the Ducks.

Joe Thornton can grow a great beard.

jamestobrien said...

Jaromir Jagr was probably warped by winning Cups his first two years in the league.

I mean, that much early success can really damage his mind. Just look at that mullet.

The odd thing about Jagr is that with all the hate he's received, you'd think he sucks in the playoffs. But every time he touches the puck, I'm 100 percent terrified.

I think he's the most underappreciated superstar of his era.

He is kind of a poon, too, though...