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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sharks All-Time Players: Mike's Take, Part 1

Gee, that subject is kinda grand in a Star Wars: Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back kind of way.

I'm taking RudyKelly's challenge of coming up with a "Best Of" team (plus, there's not much to talk about right now and my own blog and business are waiting for server repair). I'm doing something slightly different, mostly because so many Sharks players have had up-and-down seasons, so I'm going to pick a single season to represent each player.

Also, you'll notice that the centers and right wings far outweigh the left wings. There really haven't been too many spectacular left wings in Sharks history (Ray Whitney became a great player after the Sharks dumped him). Perhaps Milan Michalek can change that some day.

1st Line:
C-Joe Thornton 05-06
MVP, league's leading scorer, and catalyst for turning a stuck-in-neutral San Jose Sharks into a league powerhouse, Joe Thornton will probably go down in history as one of, if not the most talented forward in Sharks history. From day one, Thornton was an absolute monster, and his first season in teal provided so many memorable "holy crap" moments -- from his booming slapshot off the post in his first shift in Buffalo to his total undressing of Washington's defense and Olaf Kolzig -- that the memory of Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart, and Wayne Primeau faded pretty darn fast.

RW-Jonathan Cheechoo 05-06
In 2005-06, you couldn't tab Thornton without mentioning Cheechoo. As Thornton's triggerman, a fully healthy Cheechoo (something that hasn't happened much over the past two seasons) fired off so many spot-on one-timers fed from Thornton that an early goal had you thinking, "Maybe he'll get another hat trick." But Cheechoo wasn't a one-trick pony that year; while groin issues have prevented Cheechoo from being able to be as scrappy as he could be, a good chunk of his goals in 05-06 came from being persistent all around the net for rebounds, second chances, and "hit it till the damn thing goes in" goals.

LW-Jeff Friesen 97-98
Ten years ago, Friesen was the projected franchise and future captain; seemingly on the upswing, Friesen broke 30 goals for the only time in his career. In that season, Friesen used his speed, hands, and wrist shot to become the Sharks' most dangerous weapon. He'll never recapture that, but we'll always have our memories of #39 speeding down the wing past opposing defenders.

By the way, did you hear Freeze is back in San Jose on a tryout?

2nd Line:
C-Patrick Marleau 05-06
While Marleau became captain and the go-to guy in 03-04, it wasn't until after the lockout when Marleau put it all together. Before the Thornton trade, Marleau was seemingly the only Sharks player that was effective that season; after the Thornton trade, Marleau became even more deadly with defensive pressure split between the two centers. while Thornton had Cheechoo on his wing, Marleau wound up with rookies Milan Michalek and Steve Bernier -- and even then, he propelled them to one of the best lines in the Western Conference that season.

RW-Owen Nolan 99-00
By the time 2000 rolled around, Owen Nolan was a legitimate Hart Trophy candidate. While ultimately potting 44 goals, Nolan was a force in all aspects -- special teams, hitting hard along the boards, and scoring goals through sheer force of will. That year, Nolan finished fifth in Hart Trophy voting and solidified Darryl Sutter's hunch in making him the captain.

LW-Milan Michalek 06-07
Michalek's sophomore campaign had him working up to star-player status, notching 26 goals and 40 assists, mostly on a line with Joe Thornton. This, much more so than in his rookie year, showed Sharks fans how devastating Michalek's speed could be. In fact, even on a team with Patrick Marleau, Michalek's bursts up the wing made him appear to be the fastest player on the team.

To be continued... (though PJ and Cheechew are welcome to make up their own list).

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy Freakin' Crap

Or, more properly said, Holy Fucking Shit:

Patrick Marleau: +1
Joe Thornton: -3
Owen Nolan: 3 goals

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kings Gameday: Old Friends & Old Enemies

This picture makes my heart smile.

Los Angeles Kings (2-5, Last in West) vs. Calgary Flames ( 2-2-2, 1st in Craig Conroys)

6:00 PST, FSN West

The Kings are coming off a good win against the Minnesota Wild. The win wasn’t good because they managed to beat a previously undefeated team, but because they deserved to win the game easily. The Kings shouldn’t have even let the Wild get into overtime or a shootout; if not for a bad goal let in by J.S. Aubin, they would have won in regulation. They even beat them in front of their mothers, which I found very satisfying. I know it makes me a bad person, but I hope it ruined their trip. Take that, Brian Rolston's mom!

Speaking of Aubin,I wasn’t too impressed by his performance on Tuesday. Besides the aforementioned bad goal, he looked a little stiff going side-to-side, resulting in a ridiculously lucky save (against Eric Belanger) that got a lot more pub than it deserved. Aubin has a little hitch in his movement, meaning he pulls his lead leg in before extending it back out when moving to the side. This typically hurts a goalie on rebounds and one-timers. The contrast is stark if you think about the way Bernier moved. (Hold on... sorry, got a little choked up there for a second.) Plus, my brother pointed out that he looks like Ricky Gervais. Still, I guess he wasn’t terrible, and that’s really all we needed on Tuesday. He's worth having in there if only because hearing Jimmy Fox say his name is hilarious.

Oh, you.

The Kings meet up with the Calgary Flames tonight and Old friend Craig Conroy will be there. When I think about what the Kings need this season, I think they could really use another strong, defensively responsible center to play with Frolov. They could use… well, they could use Craig Conroy. Maybe I just want him on the team because I think he’s awesome. He just seems like the kind of guy where you talk to him and then all of a sudden you realize that being around him makes you feel better about yourself. (Does that make me sound crazy? I'm not crazy.) If he scored tonight I wouldn't cheer, but I think a little part of me might be happy.

Also with the Calgary Flames is old enemy Owen Nolan. I used to hate Owen Nolan back when he was on the Sharks. He always seemed like a guy who got credit for being “tough” when he was really just a dick. The guy even looks like an asshole:

Eff you too, Nolan.

See? He looks like the kind of guy who would drive on the shoulder of the freeway during a traffic jam. If he died in a fire I wouldn't cheer, but I think a little part of me might be happy.

I’m going to be gone this weekend (my friends are going hunting while I get drunk and rail against injustice and Jordin Tootoo), but I’m sure Earl & Co. will keep you entertained. As always, if the Kings get scored on and you hear a faint “Fuck!” carried by the wind, know that I am with you.