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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The NHL should make lemonade out of Avery's lemons


This Sean Avery story sure has legs, doesn't it? Before this it seemed like the only time the NHL was the top story was if Todd Bertuzzi broke someone's neck (although hockey being a lead story only when something bad happens still rings true).

On Wednesday, the Avery coverage just wrecked every other big story. It was:

  • The lead story on "Rome is Burning."
  • No. 4 on ESPN's insufferable "Around the Horn."
  • The first topic during "Pardon the Interruption." Among others ...
Is it a slow sports day or is everyone just tired of talking about how much of a dumbass Plaxico Burress can be? (And where the hell does the name Plaxico come from? I guess I'd have a bad attitude too if my name was a combination of a plaque-killing mouthwash and Mexico)

ANYWAY, since this story is quickly getting beaten into the ground, why don't we have some more fun with it? With that in mind, the NHL should take advantage of it's rare moment in the sports spotlight. Here's a few suggestions free of charge:

Sean Avery punching bags - All the satisfaction of slapping the taste out of Avery's mouth without the momentum killing penalty minutes! Deluxe version includes simulated Avery whines and whimpers. Tears of pain and overpaid athlete blood not included.

All this punching bag needs is a designer shirt, molester mustache and a shit-eating grin.

A "Sloppy Seconds" Charity Dinner - With Thanksgiving only a week old, perhaps a hearty helping of the last remaining leftovers is in order. And if the NHL really wants to make Avery regret his comments, why not make the mainstream media's favorite agitator the bus boy? Other recommended celebrity bus boys: Theo Fleury, Claude Lemieux and Barry Melrose.

Avery endorsed "hot water bottles" - Because no one knows them better than the King of the Douches.

Dion Phaneuf made guest editor of GQ- First, Phaneuf steals his girl. Then he becomes the cover star of NHL 09. And the final insult: Phaneuf completes the "anything you can do I can do better" trifecta by trumping Avery's scrawny Vogue internship by guest editing a superior magazine. Admit it, that would be awesome.

Gary Bettman starts his "hey, I'm not THAT bad, right? RIGHT?" tour of Canadian cities without NHL teams -
The Napoleonic blunder should seize Avery's "indefinite" suspension by going on a tour to polish his image. Sure, Bettman is to the NHL as George W is to the USA but ... he's not napalming cities, right? For every Joseph Stalin there's an Adolf Hitler.

Apologies to Stalin's mustache for that unfair Bettman comparison.

Even Hitch's 'stache cannot hang

Avery, Cuthbert, Phaneuf and secret guest Avery's childhood baby sitter appear on Dr. Phil - Sure, Dr. Phil is a choad. But can you imagine his twang-heavy chiding of Avery for the sloppy seconds remark? And then a further examining of Avery's alleged cross dressing youth? Gold, you miserable sons of bitches, gold!


Finally, I'd like to apologize for Benedict Arnold-ing the NHL 09 club. But, dammit, I'm impatient and it was hard to get all the ducks in a row. Anyone who joined the club/was thinking of joining the club is more than welcome to join me on the whacky new team I've on. Please, alleviate my guilt.



Earl Sleek said...

Avery was of course the topic of today's PuckToon, and I have to say, my rendering of Avery wasn't too shabby this morning.


Marl said...

Uh, I realize this isn't exactly the point of the post and is "don't go there" territory somewhat, but are you trying to imply that Stalin was somehow a better dude than Hitler?

As for the incident, the reaction and the (rumored) suspension seem overblown for sure.

And Earl, that PuckToon's pure gold.

jamestobrien said...

Nah, Stalin and Hitler both were guilty of unspeakable things. My (poorly worded) point is just that Hitler's evil overshadows that of Stalin in terms of perception, even if the two seemed equally wrong.

I guess that's what I get for writing something at 4 a.m. Sorry for any confusion.

Earl Sleek said...

If it were up to me, I'd give Hitler 20 games and Stalin 10. That moustache is spectacular enough for a half-punishment.

jamestobrien said...

Is it a coincidence that both Hitler and Bertuzzi get 20 game suspensions?

Sarah said...

I stopped by my folks house last night and dad was watching Keith Olbermann, and sure enough Sean Avery was featured as one of the worst people in the world: http://video.aol.com/video-detail/worlds-worst-avery-cunningham-hannity/2742401801

brokeyard said...

What's the new club? I mean, where did you find them/what's their affilliation with anything? Or do they have one?

jamestobrien said...


Just played some random team game. They don't have a blog affiliation but it looks like they'll be online more frequently. I asked the GM guy to send you an invite so keep your eyes peeled.

ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of Plaxico Burress news summaries...

Doogie2K said...

Plaxico sounds like a pharmaceutical company that makes ED pills.

Just sayin'...