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Thursday, April 17, 2008

That's Not How You Do It

Philadelphia-Washington went to overtime tonight on Versus. That's okay, I wanted to watch the Sharks game but I'll settle for overtime hockey. Once the 1st overtime period ended, I fully expected Versus to switch immediately over to the San Jose game in order to maximize their hockey watching coverage.

What do they do instead? They:

Go to commercial
Show highlights from 2 other games
Go to commercial
Show 2 minutes of the San Jose game
Go to commercial
Show the Anaheim final (haha!)
Go to a pre-period report for Washington-Philadelphia (like we haven't spent 4 periods watching them)
Showed the 2nd overtime

That's not how you do it, Versus. You're retarded.


RudyKelly said...

That's not even taking into account that they showed the entirety of the Colorado/Minnesota game in LA instead of switching over to the last San Jose game once Colorado went up 5-1. It's like they didn't even watch March Madness.

Kelpfreak said...

Even stranger since they've actually sent a team to San Jose rather than just tap into the CBC feed.

Kelpfreak said...

*massive sigh of relief*

THAT'S how you do it...

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to point out that the VS camera crew was horrible. They followed the puck around like a cat follows a laser pointer.

"Oh look those two players are unraveling their sticks from each other, CHEECHOO SCORES!!!!"


brokeyard said...

I hope some better station gets the NHL when the VS contract is up.

Earl Sleek said...

I'm not sure a better station even matters; they're likely to hire the same set of idiots to cover their hockey.

Anonymous said...

I agree that versus sucks, but I must say that they guys calling the games this year are much better than last year. Last year I only liked Dave Strader (who is one of the best) but I haven't heard any announcers who piss me off this year. Except Neil Smith of course, who sucks. Don't forget, ESPN let Steve Levy and Melrose call games.

Mr. Plank said...

I'd also like to point out that the VS camera crew was horrible.

Amen to that. My friends and I were absolutely stunned at how bad it was. The Cheech goal is an obvious example, but they also had trouble following the puck, and would routinely miss a save (or have the save in the corner of the screen) when a shot from the point occured.

Anonymous said...

I prefer watching the local SJ Sharks channel.They have better footage of the game and more enthusiastic commentators.

I agree VS is horrible.

Nick said...

You know what's awesome... I got to watch every regular season game this year thanks to Center Ice. The playoffs? I'm missing games left and right because they're scheduled on top of each other on F*(#ing Versus.