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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obviously This Is More Important Than The Playoffs

Lubomir Visnovsky did a Q & A with The Hockey News. My favorite part?

What’s your favorite thing to do in L.A. when you have a few days off?- Aden Rongve, Saskatoon, Sask.

A lot of the guys, myself included, have places near Manhattan Beach on the ocean, so I like to go there. I’ll go walking or biking, get energy from the sun – sometimes my girlfriend and I will go rollerblading.

I can't tell you how much joy I get out of the idea of Lubo out on the beach wearing rollerblades gives me. Do you think he wears tiny little shorts? I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around.

Oh man I bet he wears pads and a helmet too.

Also, the Kings signed Alec Martinez from Miami of Ohio to an entry-level deal. I think at this point I'd be more interested in watching Manchester next year than the Kings. He's 6'1" and can move the puck (can you build an entire line-up with only offensive defensemen?), so we might see him for a little bit next year.

(Also, how much bullshit is it that his school is called Miami of Ohio and it's located in Oxford, OH? There must be more than a few confused British people wandering around that campus.)


Earl Sleek said...

I’ll go walking or biking, get energy from the sun.

Energy from the sun? That's a cryptic statement from one of the paler stars of the NHL.

k.m.stiles said...

Lubo rivals Danny Briere for being the cutest little hockey player.

Talk about confusing college names: Washington University in St. Louis

That's in St. Louis, Missouri if you didn't catch the last part. Not that I mean to be a dick about it but I've had people ask how I enjoyed the weather in Seattle.

RudyKelly said...

Danny Briere just looks like a girl. Lubo looks like a little person. Impish, really.

Washington-St. Louis? Isn't there a Missouri-St. Louis and a Saint Louis University too? I don't understand why other places can't have a comprehensible system for naming their schools like California.

k.m.stiles said...

You make a good point about Briere...he's just pretty (but still adorable). Sorta like Cammy, but I'm convinced he's just gay.

Well, they technically do with University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL), Columbia (Mizzou) (or another irrelevant Missouri city). Wash U and SLU are private universities so they do whatever they want.

brokeyard said...

Energy from the sun? That's a cryptic statement from one of the paler stars of the NHL.

It also clears a few things up. The Kings seem to think they're capable of photosynthesis, which might explain why they performed so poorly.

Alexander Dubcek said...

Northwestern (in the first suburb north of Chicago and named for the Northwest Territory it was in at the time of its founding) also confuses people from California. I had a lot of people wondering what kind of experiences I had in store for me in Seattle.

And as a grad student at the University of Washington (turns out I made it to a Seattle school eventually), it can be a little irksome having to differentiate between the University of Washington, Washington University (in St. Louis), George Washington, Washington and Lee, and Lee and Perrins.