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Monday, April 07, 2008

Kings Pick 2nd

Gut pick? Alex Pietrangelo.


Earl Sleek said...

Aw, how much difference could there be between a 1st overall and a 2nd overall pick anyway?

(Glances over at Sidney Crosby's 294 career points and Bobby Ryan's 10 career points).


Anonymous said...

The kings need a blue chip defensive prosepect anyways. We all know the Kings already have offense. Would it be nice to have two superstar centers? Yeah it would be pretty cool, but we are more likely to win with two blue chip defensemen. I say we draft Bogosian, second choice Doughty

chris in torrance said...

I agree with picking Pietrangelo, but now we have to find a second line center. Any ideas??

RudyKelly said...

Chris, I'll let you tomorrow. Around noon.

Anonymous said...

Earl what about our pick.

Earl Sleek said...

Our pick is top-14 somewhere, and I suspect we'll get a kid I've never heard of and won't quite care about for a few more years.

Can't wait.