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Monday, April 28, 2008


Dustin Brown and Patrick O'Sullivan both contributed goals in a 5-1 ass-kicking over the infernal Swedes. The game was a tune-up for the US squad before the World Championships kick off. As an avowed nationalist and Norwegian descendant, I applaud this win. O'Sullivan's goal was assisted by Kessel and Mueller, which I guess means he's playing on the top line? Yeah, why not. Brown was assisted by Nathan Gerbe, also known as, "Hey, look at that little guy on Boston College! Hahaha!"

The Swedes will probably regroup and should still be competitive at the World Championships. I contacted one player for a comment and he said only, "Ordy bordy!" Apparently that means something in Swede.

(Is calling someone from Sweden a "Swede" considered derogatory? I sure hope so.)

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walkinvisible said...

i'm pretty sure 'swede' is okay when describing a swede, but i'm also fairly certain that 'swedish' is preferred when describing the language.

y'know... fyi.