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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ducks Gameday—A shirt for all occasions

Round One, Game Two: (5) Dallas Stars at (4) Anaheim Ducks
(DAL leads series 1-0, JavaGeek 'odds': DAL 70%)

Well, looks like my green shirt is pulling double duty today. My dad and I will be in Row B tonight next to the (hopefully unoccupied) Ducks penalty box, rallying the web-footed ones back into this series.

First, though, we'll be at a bar rooting on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, a surprising participant in its first ever NCAA mens hockey finals. Now I never attended Notre Dame University (I'm a Blue Devil who couldn't handle hard winters), but the Fighting Irish runs pretty deep in my family. My dad and two of my siblings are alumni, and my baby brother will be graduating from ND in about a month. It would be a bit ironic; possibly the worst football season in ND's history (so I'm told) could be accompanied by its best hockey season ever.

So it should make for a pretty good Saturday double header, and damn if I don't seem to have the one t-shirt that seems perfectly designed for both these games. Now I should note that I haven't seen an Irish hockey game all season (hey, I live in SoCal and don't have a lot of hockey viewing options), and purposely didn't watch the DVR version of G1 in this Ducks series, so I'm not going to offer any particular advice. Blah, blah, blah, win the thing.

Go Irish! Go Ducks!

Anyways, if you're in the arena you can try to find me during the intermission, or you can try to spot me on TV. I'll be the idiot who realizes upon arriving that he's the only green shirt in the arena that's not rooting for the Dallas Stars. Let's hope it works.

Prediction: Irish 3, Eagles 1, and Ducks 3, Stars 1. Goals by Bertuzzi, Pahlsson, Beauchemin, and three Irishmen I've never heard of. If anyone knows who to watch for in the Irish game, let me know in the comments.

Go Ducks.


Spade-in-victorhell said...

earl you could watch G1 from the start and turn it off when travis moen gives a great hit but then overdoes it and jumps and elbows the dude in the face and gets a penalty..right there u turn it off or delete the rest of the broadcast. watching it lets u know thats theres hope..i hope so cuz im fuckin going to the game..and will be pissed coming all the way from victorville if they lose...i will plowed also..

ill be up in 443 near the top if anyone cares..wearing a selanne shirt(cuz im too cheapo to buy a jersey) probally hitting the restroom every 5 mins. cuz the seal will have been broken by then.. bald head long vagina hair like goatee...ill look like i should be a kings fan or raiders fan..with my brother who looks like me but heavier..like hes my bodyguard happy drinking everyone....see u all there...

Grace said...

Earl and Spade (and anyone else who'll be there tonight), have a good time. Erin (and Ducks) go bragh?

I think I'll go feed the family of ducks who live in a nearby stream. Anything to change the mojo.

PJ Swenson said...

Earl, keep an eye on Boston College freshman defenseman Nick Petrecki. He will be running Anaheim forwards as a Sharks defenseman in no time at all. Very physical player.

Temujin said...

We'll keep an eye out for you in the Great White North.

The Green Shirt in High Def! Woo Hoo!

Kirsten said...

I don't know anything about ND. All I know is that I'm bitter about the Frozen Four this year.

Depending on how far into the playoffs the Ducks make it, I might need a hockey fix badly enough to come down and see them play.

WufPirate said...

Earl was a Durham, NC resident at Dukey? Why then, you're sort of a Hurricanes fan and you didn't even know it.

Earl Sleek said...

I can't say that I'm that much of a Canes fan, but I did see some games in Greensboro before they had a real arena. It was pretty sweet. You could pay $15 for a student-discount worst seat in the house and then go sit up by the glass.

Pretty solid--it was the only time I got to see Paul Coffey play live.

VeryProudofYa said...

bring on hiller.

and an entirely different roster while you're at it.

jesus christ.

Heather B. said...

I would tell you to watch future Sabre Nathan Gerbe but alas, the game is over. But he was pretty good, eh?

G1 again on Tuesday? ;-)

Earl Sleek said...

G1 again on Tuesday? ;-)

I'm going to get proactive and just declare that next Thursday is G1. I don't know why the NHL decided to wait so long to start this series compared to the rest of the first round, but I guess patience is the key.

I was telling my dad that if Gerbe wasn't drafted (and based on how ESPN was bragging about where everyone else was headed, I wasn't sure if he was) that the Ducks should sign him. Oh well. At least we have fuckhead Bertuzzi.

If I'm Selanne, I'm trying to figure out how quickly I can get moved to a contender. That sucks, that exactly one person found it imperative to get the puck to the net. Sorry, Teemu.