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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Sharks/Lightning Prediction

I'm not going to predict who's going to win this game, but just as a side note -- I guaran-damn-tee you that Steven Stamkos will get his first NHL point tonight against the Sharks.

Why? It's not the news that he's been bumped to the first power play unit or that coach Barry Mullet wants to expand his ice time. It's because the Sharks have consistently wanted to dabble in the history books by being the team that other teams hit milestones against.

You want specifics? Um, well, much of my brain is still recovering from my friend's Halloween party last night (where I dressed as Robert Smith from The Cure during the era where he wore hockey jerseys; my outfit was complemented by a knock-off Vancouver Canucks jersey with the old orange/red/white skate logo) but I know every time it's announced on a broadcast, I slap my forehead and go, "Not again."

If my coffee kicks in before game time, I'll post some specific memories.

But just sayin'. That's my not-so-bold prediction for today.


Sarah said...

Well, Stamkos is still pointless. Is he just not yet ready, or are the Lightning going to kill his talent?

I kind of feel bad for the kid.

/awesome choice of jersey. I have that same one myself, but haven't had the guts to leave a darkened room with it on in years

Anonymous said...

Stamkos showed some skill tonight in the first period. After that, he kind of just disappeared-- though he wasn't the only one. It seemed like only Vinny Prospal, Marty St. Louis, and Mike Smith showed up to play.

The Mullet wasn't all that great of a coach in LA. But he's been out of coaching for so long, it looks like he's also unable to adapt to different offensive looks.

Setoguchi was the Sharks best offensive player in the game. Glad to see him get a goal.

The Gin Doctor said...

and he needs to help out on D a bit more. -2 tonight...

Washington said...

my my. ryane clowe got pwned by ryan malone. I hope Mike Smith gets some more help in the future. I think he's better than his record implies.