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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Craig Custance has my e-mail address?

Well, I'm too lazy to write my own post today, but thankfully the Sporting News has stepped in. This e-mail was sent to a few independent bloggers, myself included:

Just thought I'd share with you guys as we continue to try and build Sporting News Today. Thanks as usual!

- Craig
I'll ignore the "as usual" part (as I'm pretty sure this is the first correspondence), but it's sort of cool that the Sporting News pegged BoC as a distribution outlet for its pretty keen Brian Burke Q&A feature. Is it innovation? Desperation? Hard to say, but I'd recommend all readers to check out Puck Daddy's piece yesterday on the declining state of newspaper coverage.

Anyways, I thought I'd go ahead and post the Sporting News piece, in the hopes that someday I could ask a question or two of Mr. Burke. Enjoy!
Inside >>
1, 2008
Ugh. The embed code they sent seems to suck. Try clicking here instead.

And while I'm in the spirit of link-happiness, you can click here to see Chris Pronger's blog reaction to the O'Donnell trade.

Go Ducks.


Earl Sleek said...

Oh yeah, and I guess I should add a "good luck, Angels and Dodgers", as those other-sport teams start their postseasons today.

Another good link: Razor takes the Canucks to task for naming Luongo as team captain.

RudyKelly said...

Thought it required a little more attention today so I threw a quick post up.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Craig Custance! He's an east coast biased hack full of shit! I hope that fucker gets aids!

And fuck Kukla's Korner while we're at it! They are full of ton of shit! Plus what kind of fucking retarded name is Kukla's Korner anyway?!! I hope all the fuckers who run that east coast bias piece of shit website gets the Zika virus!

PS - Grubhub is crap. Use Doordash instead.