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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How hot is Carlyle's seat?

[11:30 am Sleek edit -- Guest art by commenter Julian.
I don't even know how you managed to find a smiling Carlyle picture, but nicely done!]

Hockey blogging giant Spector named Randy Carlyle among the five head coaches most likely to get shit-canned. Sure, the Ducks started the season like a fart on a first date, but how thin is the ice for Carlyle?

It's hard for me to tell how much of the Ducks' recent greatness could be attributed to the rarely smiling former Norris trophy winner.

Was Carlyle a master tactician or a bus driver? Is he a genius with a mildly hilarious balding Caesar 'do or a fraud whose firing might be one of the last marks of the Brian Burke era?


Earl Sleek said...

I get why Carlyle's on Spector's list, but I would be VERY shocked to see the Ducks make a move like that, just months after extending the guy.

Past this year, if and when Brian Burke is elsewhere, who knows? But for now, Carlyle's steering the ship, even if it's straight into the mouth of a leviathan.

I don't know what I meant by that analogy, by the way, but I do like saying "leviathan".

jamestobrien said...

Yeah, it seems doubtful that he'll be fired ... although there's the time honored cliche of a GM wanting "his guy." So maybe he's on the long-term hot seat?

brokeyard said...

I don't know what the reason is for our slow start but I'm pretty sure it's not management in any form, that it's just the players.

You gotta feel what the Ducks are feeling. Last year we couldn't get the Cup because we had the Stanley Cup hangover. Then the Red Wings came in and got wasted and won the Cup. If winning the Cup is getting drunk, and the year after is the hangover, then watching someone else win the Cup is like watching the girl you've been with for a year getting drunk and going to bed with another guy. Their hearts are broken, but they'll get over it eventually.

Morbo said...

With so many veterans on the team, I wouldn't put all the blame for the slow start on Carlyle. Although I have always detested his incessant line matching on the road. I get that you don't want Parros out there against like the Morrow line.

But you know what, Getzlaf, Perry, Teemu, etc etc are big boys, being paid big money to score goals. The endless on the fly line matching by Carlyle totally kill any momentum the Ducks have in road games. It becomes a slow dump and "change" game, and forces the Ducks to play a weaksauce pansy game on the road.

jamestobrien said...

Man oh man that Photoshop is ever so clutch. Great job Julian.