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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

George Parros fight collection 2007-08

Courtesy of the fine people at ducks-hockey.com, here is a video collection of 19 George Parros fights from the 2007-08 season. A little pre-game reseach prior to Thursday's ANA-SJ home opener.

Parros vs. Thornton 9/30/07
Parros vs. Boogaard 10/14/07
Parros vs. Fedoruk 10/20/07
Parros vs. King 10/23/07
Peters vs. Parros 12/05/07
Peters vs. Parros -Round 2- 12/05/07
Parros vs. Koci 12/07/07
Parros vs. Shelley 12/10/07
Parros vs. Davison 12/18/07
Parker vs. Parros 12/19/07
Belak vs. Parros 1/9/08
Parros vs. Ivanans 1/24/08
Parros vs. King 2/1/08
Parros vs. Cote 2/2/08
Parros vs. Orr 2/7/08
Parros vs. Downey 2/10/08
Godard vs. Parros 2/17/08
King vs. Parros 2/22/08
Parros vs. Shelley 3/21/08


Ksy92003 said...


That fight with Godard was looong.

I liked the one between Parros and Ivanans. Parros, the one-time Kings enforcer, against Ivanans, the guy who replaced him.

PJ Swenson said...

I was going to crack a joke about going 0-for-19, but damn he smoked Cote.

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, I'm not a guy who writes too often about fighting, but here's what I appreciate about Parros (other than fans love that moustache).

Look at that fight card. Sweet lord. Say what you will about his fight record, but he'll take the other team's best heavyweight off the ice for five minutes, and the littler fighty Ducks can then punch guys more their size.

John Q. Phats said...

Yeah, Parros may not win every fight, but he has a chin, and he usually at the very least holds his own.

VeryProudofYa said...

jesus shit he smoked shelley on 12/10.

The cote hammering was awesome, too.

If he could keep his balance in more than 1/3 fights he might actually be feared/respected.
He's got a great chin and clearly has knockout power, he just can't stay on his feet long enough to display much of either ability.