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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Patrick O'Sullivan Signed

Rich Hammond is reporting that Patrick O'Sullivan has signed a three-year deal. No word on numbers yet.

"I shot him with a small revolver I keep near my balls."

I'm starting to wonder if Oscar Moller is being treated like Robert Downey, Jr.'s character in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. In the movie, Downey is brought to LA and shown off at a lot of parties by a movie producer to bring down the number on Colin Farrell. The same thing may be happening here. I think the Kings are hoping Ted Purcell and Patrick O'Sullivan see Oscar Moller taking their spots and start working a little harder to improve their game. Then, after 10 games, Moller can go down to Junior feeling better about himself and Purcell and O'Sullivan can join the team properly motivated. Is it a crazy theory? Yeah. Hey, you don't pay for this stuff, pipe down.

Awesome Update:

The numbers average out to $2.95 million dollars a season over 3 years but will pay him $4 million this year to help the Kings out with their cash budget.

Fuck. Yes.

I mean, I always hope that the term will be a little longer but overall this is pretty great. The Kings get 3 solid years of Patrick O'Sullivan up through his age 26 season. O'Sullivan gets paid and the Kings get a good deal to see how the team shakes out. By the time O'Sullivan's deal is up, guys like Doughty, Moller and Simmonds will be up as well. Some people may think that's a bad idea, but I actually prefer because it allows the GM to make decisions all at once and not get cornered by previous deals.

I don't know when O'Sullivan will be in game shape or on what line he'll play on, but hopefully he'll be ready to go sooner rather than later. He gives the Kings a lot of different options because he can play all three positions and can line up on the power play and penalty kill. I imagine the Kings will work him in slowly and then replace Moller with O'Sullivan when Moller has to go back to Junior. Not to toot my own horn, but I said before camp that I liked a Moulson-Kopitar-Brown line with a Frolov-Stoll-O'Sullivan line, and it seems we might get just that. Toot.

Lombardi got Patrick O'Sullivan signed for less than Andrei Kotsistyn's deal. Man, O'Sullivan signs and Rise Against's new CD comes out on the same day. Everything's comin' up Rudy!


jamestobrien said...

Fine work, Rudy. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite movies of all time.

It also must have been a huge motivation for his starring role in Iron Man.

Iron Man was to Downey Jr. what Layer Cake was to Daniel Craig (aka the new Bond).

Freeze said...

tsn is reporting "it is worth an average of $2.925 million per year but will pay him $4 million in the upcoming season."

Earl Sleek said...

Not a bad deal at all. Now I suppose we should wait to make sure Dean Lombardi doesn't trade O'Sullivan eight minutes before that contract kicks in.

Sorry, Lubo.

Jordan said...

AWESOME reference to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, a great film no one has seen. Probably reaching, but still, I like it.

Jordan said...

Also, Rise Against is terrible, terrible, terrible.

Gautham Ganesan said...

Too bad the new Rise Against CD blows.

Ksy92003 said...

I'm just glad that the contract O'Sullivan ended up signing is the exact contract that Lombardi wanted from the very beginning. That makes me feel better about the upcoming Kopitar and Johnson contracts next offseason.

VeryProudofYa said...

Well, if the unyielding shittiness of the new rise against CD is anything to go by, O'Sullivan's going to break his neck.

RudyKelly said...

You guys are jerks, stop trying to ruin my day.

Mr. Plank said...

I'm thinking O'Sullivan is like Harmony, and Harry is the Kings- always flirted with the idea of getting together, but had to get drunk to make a move.

Who the hell knows. I think I'm just blown away by the idea you like Rise Against.