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Monday, October 06, 2008

Kings Make Final Cuts

The Kings have made their final cuts of training camp. The big winners were Wayne Simmonds, Oscar Moller and Erik Ersberg. Simmonds and Moller were expected to come up, get a pat on the head and then travel to their respective minor league teams but both were highly praised all camp and definitely earned this opportunity. I think Moller will play with Kopitar, but he may get slotted alongside Frolov and Stoll. Or Simmonds could. Who the fuck knows. Ersberg ended up beating out Jonathan Quick for the back-up job, which was to be expected. It's more important for Quick to play at this time and Ersberg can hold place until one of the young guys demands attention.

The big loser at training camp was Ted Purcell, who was shockingly sent down to Manchester. I guess the Kings felt the rest of his game needed rounding out (or maybe they wanted him to practice left wing, since the Kings currently have a logjam on the right side), but it still has to be a pretty big blow to him. Hopefully he takes it the right way and continues to improve.

The Kings ended up keeping only 22 players. If you're an optimist, you assume this is because Patrick O'Sullivan is on the verge of signing. If you're a pessimist, you assume this is because John Zeiler is about to come off the DL. Also, the injuries to Cliche, Clune, and Zeiler put the Kings over the cap. I think. I don't think anyone really knows.


brokeyard said...

No posts in 2 days followed by 3 posts in 4 hours. Nice rebound.

I like how this post has 3 full paragraphs and then sort of concludes with the fact that no one really knows what's going on.

RudyKelly said...

They just released a list, I'm not a miracle worker. They'll probably say more tomorrow.

Unknown said...

I think thats only two posts in 4 hours, the other one was by the guy who just got traded to the Canucks. I think Murray probably wanted Purcell to work on defense/system before he plays regularly. He mentioned earlier in camp that Moller was really good at picking up the information the coaches gave.

Earl Sleek said...

He mentioned earlier in camp that Moller was really good at picking up the information the coaches gave.

Translation: Moller is a better nodder than Purcell.

*nod* *nod* "I see, coach." *nod* *nod*

brokeyard said...

I didn't mean by Rudy i meant by BoC