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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just thinking out loud here

Absolutely nothing is working for the top lines of the Ducks, but the bottom two lines are thriving. Rob N., Pahlsson, Moen, Marchant, Carter, May, Parros, and Sutherby -- those eight players have combined for 6 goals and 8 assists, and Carter, May, and Parros are each +3 -0 at even strength.

Getzlaf, Kunitz, Perry, Selanne, and Morrison? That fivesome has but 1 goal and 1 assist between them (not even on the same goal), a collective +3 -17 at even strength, plus they're taking a whackload of stupid frustration penalties.

So why not mix it up? I know that the Ducks looked pretty good for most of tonight, but what's the downside in trying this?

Kunitz - Getzlaf - Selanne
Marchant - Morrison - Perry
Moen - Pahlsson - Niedermayer
May - Carter - Sutherby - Parros

There's obviously a lot of room for shuffling, but should Carlyle just stop forcing Getzlaf-Perry and Morrison-Selanne? Can changing primary partners help ignite what's been so far an awfully stale offense? I don't necessarily like it as a long-term solution, mind you, but maybe it's worth a try.

Positivity! Go Ducks.


Mike in OC said...

I say yes. If your willing to use Moen on the top lines, why not this, it makes way more sense.

Also, #5 Montador (sp?) was awesome.

Earl Sleek said...

Plus it sends a message to the kids Getzlaf and Perry especially.

Also, #5 Montador (sp?) was awesome.

Seriously. I picked him up with my last pick in the Mirtle fantasy pool, and he co-leads the team in scoring!

Ksy92003 said...

Here is something that really should have Ducks' fans and the team absolutely puzzled:

Dallas Stars' rookie Fabian Brunnstrom has only played one NHL game. And he has more goals than any Ducks player. He has as many goals as Rob Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne, Chris Kunitz, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Samuel Pahlsson have combined; Brunnstrom last night became the third player in NHL history to record a hat trick in his NHL debut.

That's not a good sign for the Ducks, is it?

Earl Sleek said...

Well, it's sample size and all. He has more goals than any King player, too, or more than anyone who's played only one game. I don't think all these teams need to panic over that.

No, there's worse signs for the Ducks than what a Star did in his debut, but even then it's just "isn't this weird after four games?" and not "let's all jump off a bridge" stuff.

For instance, you and I have been on the ice for as many goals-for as Kunitz or Morrison. And really, the deficit pattern thing was even a bigger issue than that.

But still, positivity! The Ducks are improving, pretty much by default.

Earl Sleek said...

Well, per Carlyle, it looks like the offensive pairings won't change, except Morrison is being moved to a wing.

I can put up with that (but I still do need to see a penalty-free game out of Getzlaf-Perry).

Mike in OC said...

I'm not for panic either. I remember what Burke said a couple years ago, it take a Grizzly a while to wake up, but when he does, you got a Grizzly.

Besides, lately if you bust your ass to win the pacific div, and come up one point short on the last day of the season, you get rewarded with a first round match against the pacific team that came up 2 points short.

I'd rather get the 6th spot and play the winner of the Northwest diviston with thier slightly over 500 record.

I'm just sayin..

Nut said...

it's nice to see the refs finally cracking down on the ducks' goalie checking ways. It's especially nice when it costs them the game with Lubo as the hero and perry as the king douche

Earl Sleek said...

Well, Kings fans probably deserve some happiness after the last few years. Enjoy it!

Black Dog said...

heh, nice one earl

Scott said...

Since the lockout, the Pacific division is 5-4 against the Northwest in playoff series and have won exactly one more game, so things have been pretty even between the two divisions.

Scott said...

Another fun fact: In those series the team with home ice advantage is only 5-4. The Pacific division winner lost in the first round to a Northwest team once, and the Northwest winner lost to a Pacific team once.

Earl Sleek said...

Since the lockout, the Pacific division is 5-4 against the Northwest in playoff series and have won exactly one more game, so things have been pretty even between the two divisions.

Well, the Ducks' end of this has been a series record of 4-1, and a playoff games record of 17-9, so let's pick up some of that slack there, SharkStars. :)

Mike in OC said...

Well, the Ducks' end of this has been a series record of 4-1

And that's my point, as a Ducks fan I feel better about facing a Northwest divison winner in round one vs. the Pacific team that comes in second (Dallas or San Jose - my guess)

I'm just trying to find the silver lining here folks, I don't mean to slam the Northwest, but they have been the weaker of the 3 divisions lately.

brokeyard said...

Pronger on Rome