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Friday, October 24, 2008

Kings Gameday: This is Awkward

Los Angeles Kings (2-3) @ St. Louis Blues (4-2)

5:30 PST, FSN West, FSN Mountain West

Whenever the Kings play the St. Louis Blues I always get uncomfortable. I liked Andy Murray when he was the coach of the Kings, crazy tests notwithstanding, but it gives me a weird vibe every time I see him. It's like when you see an old high school teacher that you thought was cool but now the whole relationship between the two of you has been changed and neither one knows how to act. So you just kind of fumble a hello and then awkwardly explain why the dreams you had in high school are long since dead and they just kind of look at you with that weird cross between wonderment and bewilderment. I don't like it and I just wish it would be over.

No, Mr. Murray, I'm actually writing a hockey blog... hey, why are you crying?

The Blues are off to a nice little start, led by Paul Kariya, Keith Tkachuk, Andy MacDonald, and Brad Boyes... wait, what the hell? They're going to tail off, right? There's absolutely no way a playoff team can be led by those 4 doofuses. Anyway, the Blues have been outstanding thus far on the power play, leading the league with a conversion percentage of 40.7%. That's obviously unsustainable, but neither is the Kings' 100% penalty kill so it'll be interesting to see which one breaks first.

The Kings are shuffling up their lines a little bit, skating Kyle Calder alongside Kopitar and Brown for about 12 minutes a game. I really like the way Terry Murray has been using Patrick O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan is skating with Oscar Moller and Jarret Stoll and is doing a good job of driving that line until Jarret Stoll takes a stupid hooking penalty. On top of that, O'Sullivan is taking 4 or 5 shifts a game with Kopitar/Brown, usually in the third, when the Kings need a little extra push. The result is almost 19 minutes a game for O'Sullivan, in line with Dustin Brown and Alexander Frolov.

Prediction: Kings win, 4-3. Goals by O'Sullivan, Frolov, Brown and Stoll. Jack and Erik Johnson share a beer and talk about what the hell just happened to their seasons.


RudyKelly said...

Wait, fuck, this was supposed to go up tomorrow. Oh well, it's not like anyone is going to look anyway.

Oh yeah, and I'm going to Vegas this weekend so there's not going to be a gameday post on Saturday unless someone decides to post one. Maybe even... YOU?

Earl Sleek said...

I don't even know how you do that; I thought Blogger put in a delayed post feature.

Oh well. Don't worry about it; I can read it again tomorrow.

Maybe even... YOU?

Prediction: Kings lose. Goal by Bailey.

Donzo said...

Ruh roh, I looked.

Kevin Y said...

You forgot one thing in your prediction:

"Sarah Palin drops first puck and Kings sign her to five-year/$25 million deal to backup Jason LaBarbera in goal; trade Erik Ersberg to Detroit for their 7th round pick, the final pick in the 2009 draft."

Well, Sarah Palin is going to do the ceremonial faceoff, so that isn't much of a prediction.. but you get my point!!

Black Dog said...

Stoll still takes stupid penalties, huh?

Is he still playing like his brains are scrambled?

Doogie2K said...

More importantly, are his skates on the correct feet? Is he trying to order hot dogs from the bench? These are the real pressing questions.

antro said...

Rudykelly, you are the great emo hockey-blogger--which is said with a great deal of respect and admiration. The comparison of high school teacher and old coach is delightful. Do you actually write for a living, or is all this talent wasted on us weirdos who read hockey blogs for their amusement?

Kevin Y said...

Well, Palin did have an effect on this game. Manny Legace injured himself by tripping on the carpet that was laid out for Palin to walk along for the ceremonial faceoff as the team came out before the first period. He surrendered two goals, shots he might've been able to stop had he not injured himself. Then, he was pulled.

All of a sudden, I'm voting for McCain in the election!