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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Special Guest Post: Marcel Goc

As most of you are aware, Marcel Goc writes for the San Jose Sharks website. His blog is, in a word, amazing. My pal Megalodon was able to convince Marcel to write a special post for you people here at Battle of California. Ladies and gentlemen, Marcel Goc.

Hello again and welcome to my blog. My name is Marcel. I hope you enjoy it.

I have been in Germany for the summer. It is nice to be home. California has nice weather but every day is the same. In Germany we have seasons, which I miss sometimes. But sunshine is nice too.

Many changes have happened for the team in the past few weeks! I haven't been paying much attention, but my good friend Christian Ehrhoff told me that he has re-signed with the team for three years. That is good. He is also from Germany, which is where I am from too.

I have been playing a lot of chess. I can usually beat my grandfather most of the time. He has a weak brain. He is 96.

My agent handles all the business stuff for me. He told me that we are going to do something called "arbitration." He said that means I will get more money. I do not really care. As long as I have hockey, chess, and SOCOM, I am fine. I would like to get into the lineup more though. I am a good player. I am definitely better than Jody Shelley, who has a name like a woman. He has a weak brain.

In Germany every July we have a big summer festival. It is kind of like July 4th in America, but instead of fireworks we throw stones in the air. When someone gets hit with a stone it is a sign of good luck for the year. It is lots of fun, especially for the children.

I am confused about one thing. When I look at the Sharks website roster, my name is not there. Did my name get taken off because of this "arbitration"? That makes me sad.

Well, I had better go now. Christian Ehrhoff is coming over and we are going to play SOCOM. I can usually beat him because he doesn't know how to concentrate. He has a weak brain.


Megalodon said...

Marcel told me that he has re-signed for one year. The story is here:


RudyKelly said...

Well thank God for that. I worry (read: hope) that when Marcel is sad he walks around like George Michael Bluth.

Anonymous said...

Is this real, or more "humor"?

jen-again said...

Hee! That made me giggle out loud. I always check for Marcel Blog updates on sjsharks, just for the humor. Although I guess I have to also say that his English as a second language beats any of my attempts at a second language.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea he loves Socom so much. Good thing he loves hockey more. Yeah I would fail at a second language too, compared to his writing.

squid said...

Truly inspired, Rudy! The tempo and timbre are spot on. HI-larious!

RudyKelly said...

Just to clarify, this is fake and Meg wrote it.

Is this real, or more "humor"?

I don't know what to tell you, Chief, you get what you paid for.

Anonymous said...

Pay Meg more...

Washington said...

This was funny, but I always thought that Marcel was cool. When I was an intern at the Tank, he was one of the players that actually acknowledged the staff's existence imho.

Plus I always hoped he'd get good, just so Randy or Drew could say "Oh my Goc!" for any kind of highlight reel play.

Megalodon said...

I think Marcel is totally cool too, and on most nights deserves to be in the line-up. He definitely didn't get enough playing time in the playoffs.

That doesn't make his blog any less hilarious though.

therealdeal said...

That was hilarious, had me going the whole way. So random. Perfect.