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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Eff You, NBA

Just want to take a moment to tell the NBA to get fucked for ripping the SuperSonics out of the NBA. Let this be a warning to all of us that it doesn't matter how well you fill your arena or how ardently you support your team, if an owner and league want to move because you didn't cater to their demands, well then fuck you. This isn't the fault of the people of Seattle, and it's not the fault of the people of Oklahoma City; this is a battle between owners who legally own the team and the fans who make professional sports possible.

This is horseshit.


Ken said...

Are there not better teams to move to OKC? Like Charlotte...do they even have fans?

Chris in Torrance said...

I'm sure the fans in Winnipeg and Quebec would agree with you on this one Rudy, but I think Eff You NHL would be their cry.

RudyKelly said...

Oh, and I was driving through OKC last summer and I saw a bunch of billboards that advertised some winery which featured slogans like, "Like California only not as fruity." I was enraged but, since the signs also pointed out that they offered free tastings, I went in anyway. And wouldn't you know it, in tiny letters on their bottles was the line, "Made with grapes grown in Napa Valley."

Go to hell, Oklahoma City.

cynical joe said...

Well, I'm hoping somebody in Seattle, (cough, Gates, cough) accidentally drops his wallet and with the stuff that spills out, they can get a new arena and get an NBA AND an NHL team.

Earl Sleek said...

One of the drunkest nights I have ever spent was in Oklahoma City. It still makes my head hurt to think about.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how does Oklahoma City best Seattle? Neighboring Texas has 3 teams already, now the sole outpost in the Northwest is Portland.

Now that hyped up rivalry between Odom and Durant probably won't come to pass. Thanks Clay Bennett for being a douchebag liar.