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Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Hockey Alert!

The Kings have been running their prospect development camp the past week and today they're going to broadcast the final scrimmage through their website. Game starts at 3 PM. It'll probably be stupid but it's hockey in the middle of July and it's not like you people have jobs or anything.

Team A Notables: Jonathan Bernier, Linden Rowat, Drew Doughty, Joe Piskula, Bud Holloway, Trevor Lewis, Andre Rankel

Team B Notables: Jeff Zatkoff, Oscar Moller, Alec Martinez, Wayne Simmonds, Marc-Andre Cliche, Viatcheslav Voinov, Colten Teubert, Andrei Loktionov, Drew Bagnall

Guys in bold are guys that might see time on the Kings next season. Thomas Hickey isn't playing because he just got pins taken out of his ankle. If you're bored, here's an article on my pet project, Marc-Andre Cliche. If I'm able to catch a good part of it I'll chime in with my uninformed opinion later today. Go Kings.


I think you know something's gone wrong in your life when you're watching a development camp scrimmage online in the middle of July. Anyway:

-The White team won, 1-0, a score that speaks to the disparity between offense and defense in the Kings' pipeline right now. That's okay, I guess, because the opposite is true on the big squad. The lone goal was scored by Garret Roe, the 7th round pick this year, on a nice play by Drew Drewiske.

-Doughty looked nice, destroying someone along the boards early on and making 2 0r 3 nice end-to-end rushes. He just controls the game when the puck is on his stick.

-Trevor Lewis was probably the best forward on the Purple Team, showing good puck possession and vision on the ice. Hopefully he'll step up this year in a more offensive role for Manchester.

-Oscar Moller is pretty awesome (although he needs to put on some weight) and Wayne Simmonds is a fucking freight train. Right now he's got all the coherency of a Dragonforce song right now, but he's going to be exciting to watch for the next few years.

The whole thing was ridiculous and low-rent, but it was fun to watch and I'm glad the Kings put it online. Now I'll have something to go back and watch when the Kings are mired in that 10-game losing streak in January.


Connie said...

Guys in bold are guys that might see time on the Kings next season.

You should add Colten Teubert to that list. He's looking really good at the camp.

dee said...

gotta love hockey in july. :)

I have a product review opportunity that you might be interested in...I know you don't really do gadget reviews but it might be fun! AIM me for the deets: deelowinla

RudyKelly said...

I'd be willing to go out on a limb and guarantee that Teubert won't play with the Kings, other than maybe a few games in April. They're not going to break in 2 18 year-olds on D at the same time. Plus, Teubert still needs to work on his hockey sense. Let him go to the WJC's and break someone's arm and then we'll see about next year.

Alexander Dubcek said...

I love how the article describes Jan Marek as "continuing his development in Europe," only when you click on the link to his player page, you discover he's actually 28.

Hell, if you can still be developing at 28, I could still be a blue chip prospect at 26. I'm even in Europe "developing" (a weakness for Czech lager) right now, just like Marek!

Earl Sleek said...

Well, I guess there's certainly one good aspect to being a Kings fan. You certainly get to learn a lot of names, and in many cases, don't even have to learn them for very long! :)

Connie said...

They're not going to break in 2 18 year-olds on D at the same time.

I'll agree with that, but still, he made a BIG showing last week. I mean, we got rid of Cammy for him, and I think that was a VERY GOOD decision on Lombardi's part.

Marl said...

Having read this blog for well over a year now, and enjoying it a lot, I had pretty much figured that I won't be commenting. However, if you're going to mention DragonForce and hockey in the same post, I'm pretty much sold.

Thanks for the awesome blog, both Earl and Rudy totally rock.