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Thursday, July 03, 2008

An Opportunity for Our Readers

Here's a chance for you guys to let your creative juices flow (hopefully into a towel or something and not on your monitor):

What would you if your team signed Jaroslav Modry?

I would spit piss.


Earl Sleek said...

Fortunately, the likelihood of the Ducks signing Modry (or anyone else not born in North America) is nearly nonexistent, thanks to our racist GM.

Still, if it ever happened, I'd probably get ejected from the Honda Center for abusing the "Jaroslav Modry Drinking Game" -- if he's still on your team, drink.

It might actually become an additional source of revenue for the Ducks.

Chris in Torrance said...

Are you intentionally trying to torment me Rudy?? I did read this possibility on Inside the Kings and I wanted to throw my monitor at the wall. There isn't a strong enough swear word in the English language and possibly any other language to describe how pissed I will be if the Kings do that. There is no way in hell this guy should be playing in the NHL.

Ken said...

I think I'm with Earl on this one. Id probably laugh

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

I would piss spit.