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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Danny Markov to LA?

According to a Russian report, maybe. Markov is formerly of the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers, but has recently been plying his trade for Moscow Dynamo. He has an out-clause that allows him to come back to the NHL without any problem. The article says Markov will make a decision in the next 2 weeks, so we'll wait and see.

Markov isn't that great, but he's pretty tough and he's a left-handed shot, which is what the Kings need. He played with Philadelphia already, so Murray and Lombardi are both familiar with her. Plus he's Russian, and I love Russians. Just think, Alex Frolov will actually have someone to talk to!

Update: Rich Hammond says Markov had a change of heart. Fuck! Moving on...


Ian said...

so Murray and Lombardi are both familiar with her.

In the Biblical sense?

Joe said...

Rudy, if the Kings get Markov, you'll be quite happy about it. I was really disappointed when he went to Russia to get his money, instead of sticking with the Wings. He's a solid defenseman who can play the body or play the puck, and doesn't make many mistakes. You could certainly do a lot worse.