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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Kings Are Going To Be Fine

Despite what Spector says, the Kings will have no trouble hitting the cap floor. None. I cannot stress this enough. Look (all numbers in the millions of dollars):

Michal Handzus- 4.00
Dustin Brown- 3.175
Alexander Frolov- 2.9 (hahahahaha)
Kyle Calder- 2.75
Tom Preissing- 2.75
Jack Johnson- 2.15
Denis Gauthier- 2.1
Derek Armstrong- 1.5
Ted Purcell- 1.35
Matt Greene- 1.15
Dan Cloutier buyout- 1.03
Anze Kopitar- .956
Brian Boyle- .835
Jason Labarbera- .825
John Zeiler- .725
Erik Ersberg- .7
Alyn McCauley buyout- .667
Raitis Ivanans- .6

16 players, $30.143 million

RFA's that will make the team:

Patrick O'Sullivan: 3?
Jarret Stoll: 3?
Drew Doughty: 3?
Matt Moulson: .75?
Joe Piskula: .5?
Peter Harrold: .5?

6 players, $10.75 million

Total: 22 players (and 2 buyouts), $40.893 million

That leaves one spot for another defenseman, whether he be Drew Bagnall or Mathieu Schneider. (Keep the dream alive, people!) Doughty's cap hit is inflated through performance bonuses, which go away when they are no longer achievable; the obvious way around this is to make the performance bonuses easily achievable for this season. The Kings could use one more contract just to clear the floor by a good amount, but it's not crucial. Not to mention, it's the end of July and the Kings don't have to worry about their cap situation until the end of September. Bottom line: I'm much more worried about the Kings' ability to ice a credible defense than I am about their ability to reach the cap floor.

And the Kings aren't moving to Kansas City, people. C'mon.


Earl Sleek said...

Mathieu Schneider. (Keep the dream alive, people!)

Oh, the dream is quite alive in this corner. The Kings might not have Tukonen any more, but really, that's not a deal-breaker. We can still get something going: Schneider for an ice girl?

Wow, is it really true that Dan Cloutier will get more money next year from the Kings than will Anze Kopitar? What a fucked up world we live in!

Mike in OC said...

Generally speaking I think it should be easier for the Kings to get over the cap floor than for teams like ANA, CHI, PHI to get under the max.

It's a good problem to have (unless your a fan that is..)

BTW, That would be a lot of bonus's for Drew when you consider he can't earn more than 875K base salary next season. But that has nothing to do with your point, you have illustrated they can hit the floor pretty easy.

RudyKelly said...

Kane was at $3.75 last year and Turris was at $2.696, so I just kind of split the difference.

Earl Sleek said...

Of course, this whole post sort of assumes that for most fans, "fine" is not defined by a team's ability to win games, but rather by a team's ability to spend the least amount allowed on total player salary, even helped by paying players no longer on the team.

And heck, did Cloutier even get bought out, or did his injury ploy work out for him? The Kings may even "benefit" from their inability to escape that contract.

Mike said...

It would delight me to no end to have the Kings fail to meet the floor, and the NHL dock them their first round pick next year. Which is of course the whole reason why the Kings are tanking the season.

RudyKelly said...

It's not.

PJ Swenson said...

Moving to Kansas City costs money, so its not going to happen.