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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Pacific Questions: How Does Getzlaf Rate?

Earlier I covered how Anze Kopitar rates among the young forwards in the NHL. Today I thought we'd take a look at how Ryan Getzlaf rates among the, uh, older young players in the league. Eric Staal (he of the newly minted $8.25/7 year deal*) gets a lot of press because scored over 100 points as a 20 year-old, Mike Richards gets acclaim because he plays on the East Coast, and Paul Stastny looks like the Predator without his mask on, but there have to be some out there who would take Getzlaf over all of them. Not me, because Getzlaf takes too many penalties, but someone else. Also, there's something about Getzlaf that strike me as sinister. He looks like he should be in the back of the Bang Bus, not the team bus. Anyway, here's ten players that are around 23 years old. Rate them how you see fit.

*Should Kings' fans start hoping Kopitar gets hurt this season? Nothing career-threatening, but maybe a broken foot or something. At this point I have my fingers crossed that we can sign him for under $7 million.

Mike Richards
Eric Staal
Paul Stastny
Ryan Getzlaf
Rick Nash
Thomas Vanek
Pierre-Marc Bouchard
Dustin Brown
Corey Perry
Nathan Horton
Milan Michalek

It's a pretty eclectic list and I hope I didn't leave anyone out, but if I did then don't mention it. I have a fragile psyche.

Also, Ice Girls! I'm rooting for #9 and # 61.


Earl Sleek said...

No full rating from me yet, but if I was looking at that list on pure talent (salary be damned), I'd probably take Rick Nash above the rest -- though probably Getzlaf is second.

If I was salary-conscious, though, I probably would go with Brownie. That's just a sick, sick contract.

RudyKelly said...

I'd take Stastny, Richards, Staal and Getzlaf over Rick Nash.

Mike in OC said...

Kings should do something to try and get more women to try out for the Ice Girls. /SARCASM

Good Lord!

Although only a few will be selected as Ice Girls, they should all know there is a place in my future fantasies for all of them.

Oh yeah, back to the topic. I’d go with Staal, Nash or Getzlaf.

Nut said...

Is Getzlaf going bald? If he is, he should shave his head like any self-respecting bald dude and he would look like the second coming of Mark Messier. Not a bad dude to emulate (he kicked ass and got a lot of ass). I'd take Brown (I'm jaded), Richards, Nash, Getzlaf, Staal in that order. I think the other dudes are in a different (read: shittier) tier.

Julian said...

Corey Perry just to make Rudy's head explode.