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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kings Preseason Gameday: Fury Can't Freeze

LA Kings vs Colorado Avalanche (in Vegas)

7:00 PST

The Kings are participating in Frozen Fury against the Colorado Avalanche in Las Vegas, NV tonight. Connie is at the game and said she'd have some stuff up for it, so that's something to look for. Also, rumor has it that Dustin Brown has been named the Kings' new captain. Yea?

The Kings still need another defenseman to keep them from getting embarrassed and to get them above the cap by the start of the season. With Schneider now out of the picture, does anybody know some options besides Kyle McLaren, who sucks and is terrible and who sucks?

Update: Here's a clip of Monarchs tough Kevin Westgarth fighting Scott Parker. You should mute the clip before you watch it because there's a lot of retarded yelling.

The fact that Parker gets knocked down by Westgarth and then congratulates him is terrifying to me; although, to be fair, if I saw Scott Parker making a sandwich I'd probably shit myself. I'm a nervous guy.

There were a bunch of fights last night: Westgarth got in 2, Boyle got in one (I guess Adam Foote jumped in while Boyle was fighting Darcy Tucker and got ejected), and Wayne Simmonds got in one and was then ejected for taping his hands. He should have worn foil.


Ksy92003 said...

Oh yeah, that same guy who I asked about Patrick O'Sullivan on Monday said that he Brown was to be named captain.

Ksy92003 said...

As for the veteran defenseman, I believe Aaron Miller is available. Not sure there are any reasons to believe the Kings would bring him back, but since he is a former King, that could be a reasonable option.

Nut said...

Nicklas Lidstrom?

Earl Sleek said...

Ken Klee.

Diana said...

I'd recommend Adrian Aucoin , also w/ 1 year left on his deal (2/3 the player Schneider is, at 2/3 the price!). He has a NTC though, and while moving to SoCal may cancel out the Bad Team factor... it may not.

shep said...

warrener+eriksson! put them as your 3rd pairing and watch them go! (and do the stick-on-the-ice move that worked in 2003 and turn pucks over at the blueline)

Joe said...

Go get a defenseman or two from the Red Wings. We really need to get rid of one or two. Go get Lilja, he'll be one of your better defensemen, but on the Wings, he's one of our worst. He was only resigned because the Wings thought they would lose Stuart, but then ended up signing him and being stuck with Lilja's fresh contract too.

Alternatively, the Wings have a bunch of good kids in the system, just waiting for this logjam at the blue line to open up and give them a chance. Go get one of those kids.

The harder thing here is that acquiring such a player would involve having to send something back the other way, and I can't see what the Kings would want to get rid of. They can't really part with much in the way of their futures, and they don't got much in their current roster that anyone wants either.

RudyKelly said...

Haha, Wayne Simmonds got kicked out last night because he taped his hands for a fight. I love that guy.

Also, we used to have Andreas Lilja. I'd rather not. It looks like Adrian Aucoin is the only real option, assuming he doesn't mind leaving a frigid shithole for beautiful Los Angeles.

Doogie2K said...

He should have worn foil.

RIP Paul Newman.

Ksy92003 said...

The harder thing here is that acquiring such a player would involve having to send something back the other way, and I can't see what the Kings would want to get rid of.

There are plenty of guys I would get rid of. If he weren't the highest-paid player on the team, Handzus. Heck, I would trade Bailey if he could get us a good defenseman.