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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Know Who Sucks? Kyle Calder

Last year, Kyle Calder had about 300 more minutes on the ice than Raitis Ivanans, 129 of those minutes being power play time. Calder scored 7 goals last year; Ivanans scored 6.

The funny thing is that Calder should probably be demoted to the minors but the Kings can't do that because they need his salary to reach the salary floor. I hoped they could just send him down because he was over 35 but apparently he's only 29? He looks like he's 40. Maybe my view of what a 29 year-old should look like is skewed because my brother is 29 and he looks like a baby.

Oh, and completely unrelated but Californication has been awesome this season. I didn't know where they were going to go after last season's finale but I underestimated how bad ass Hank Moody is. Also good: Honey Smacks. That frog makes a good fucking cereal. Where was it written in the Bible that I can't enjoy a cereal just because I hit a certain age? Total tastes like shit so I'll eat my Honey Comb if I want, Captain of the Cereal Police.


Joe said...

Forget Californication, its all about Dexter and the final season of The Shield for me. They're probably about the only two shows I regularly watch that aren't sports.

brokeyard said...

Everyone I know thinks I'm weird for liking Honey Smacks. My girlfriend can't stand them - and the funny thing is I'm picky as hell and she isn't.

Earl Sleek said...

I've never seen any episodes of Californication, Dexter, or the Shield, and I am unwilling to take on any sort of television drama until Battlestar Galactica comes to a close.

Next episode in January 2009, and I am counting the minutes. Frack.

spade-in-victorhell said...

what total is sooooo good!!!

your on crank again rudy!!

so are the little known "oh's"..look for a yellow box with a big OH on it

RudyKelly said...

Earl Schrute: Blogs. Beauchemin. Battlestar Galactica.

HANK said...

Crispix is cereal crack and Californication does in fact RULE!! so does the Office and Entourage. and cmon a good portion of the kings players suck.

Anonymous said...

kyle doesnt look forty and maybe if the kings didnt suck he would have more points, how many kings are plus players, i know of a couple and one is kyle calder, you step on the ice and play, see how good you do, kyle is a grinder defensive player because that is what the kings ask of him