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Monday, September 15, 2008

Season Preview Smorgasbord

Apparently people don't have any better ideas. Here's Earl's take over at AOL Fanhouse, while Greg Wyshynski and Ross McKeon each have a preview available on Yahoo! Oh, and TSN unveiled their preview as well today, along with a Fantasy Outlook. Oh, and there's always time to re-read my award-winning preview from the pensblog. Want to save some time? Here's the consensus:

Kopitar, Frolov, Brown, O'Sullivan? Good.

Defense? Bad.

Goaltending? Who knows?

Playoffs? Nope.


Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, I tried to sound like I had read lots about the Kings and done lots of my own research, but about 90% of all my Kings knowledge and opinions come straight from this blog.

Up on Thursday, my take on the Coyotes, which we cover very poorly here at BoC. Anybody want to give me a best-guess lineup for next year's 'Yotes?

RudyKelly said...

I imagine the top line will be Doan-Jokinen-Mueller, with a kid line of Boedker-Turris-Carcillo. I think there's rumors Todd Fedoruk will play with Turris, which would be hilarious.

Nut said...

Everybody is quick to say our D sucks (and to be far, it is probably going to) but nobody really brings up the Coyotes D. They got rid of there #2 and #4(?) guys and replaced them with Kurt Sauer and David Hale. Jovo is pretty hit and miss and Derek Morris never lived up to his potential. So basically they are like us (good offense, bad defense) except for one important difference. Lots of people can't believe the kings luck to finish last but with more wins so we didn't get the first overall pick, but I think think the much larger rain cloud was that Phoenix was shittier earlier (they had less points, so higher waiver selection) and got to pick up Bryzgalov. I think he's the only reason they are rated higher than the kings right now.