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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random Pacific Questions: Who's Your Langdon Alger?

I love my team. I've been following the Kings since before I could tie my shoes (I've got it down to where I get one loop; where do people get the other one?) and I've hated the Ducks and Sharks since snap bracelets were cool. Still, I admit that I sometimes look longingly over at the other side and have dark dreams about one of their players. It's never someone like Joe Thornton for me (although I would go to the south of Spain with him if he asked me); I always enjoy the quiet boy in the corner that enjoys puzzles. I love the Langdon Algers of the world. This season, my Langdon Alger is Torrey Mitchell.

Let's go to Paris.

I'll be honest, I don't really know why. I mean, he's a good young center, but he's not the kind of person that should make my pants tight. I think (from my limited viewing) that Mitchell is a pretty good defensive center and he and Mike Grier did a good job shutting down opposing scorers last season. Mitchell can't really score or anything like that, but I'd say he's one of the Sharks most important players. Plus, he's only 23. (What's with the Sharks having great young defensive players?) I was silently hoping that the Kings would sign him to a $3 million dollar offer sheet this off-season, but Lombardi was content to give that money to Jarret Stoll. If the Sharks put Mitchell with Grier and someone like Ryan Clowe, I just may have a wet dream. It's crazy, but I dare say that Mitchell may eventually become the best defensive forward in the Pacific pretty soon. Like, this season. Suck it, Pahlsson.

I mean, watch this:

How can you not love this guy?

So who do you guys have an irrational love for? Can't be someone on your own team, but it can be someone that was on your team but has since moved on.


Earl Sleek said...

I'm not exactly sure who qualifies, but here's a guy from each Pacific Division opponent who I wouldn't mind having on the Ducks this year:

Kings - There's a lot of kids with promise, I guess, but tough to not like the size on Brian Boyle. Sure, why not?

Sharks - Mitchell is a good pick, but I guess I'll go with Marcel Goc. He certainly didn't show all of last year, but I see Goc as a real Pahlsson-type, who can backcheck with the best of them and still play a solid enough forward role -- a dependable type. Seems like a good team player, too, but maybe I'm just imagining things.

Stars - Mike Ribiero. I know he's a top-liner, but I think his reputation is maligned from his Montreal days. This guy really brought it during the first two rounds of the playoffs last year, and while Morrow is certainly a guy who played fabulously, in a lot of ways Ribiero seemed the real threat out there. If Ribiero's considered too high-provile, I guess I'd go with Matt Niskanen.

Coyotes - Todd Fedoruk. I still miss having that guy play swingman for Carlyle. He played well with Getzlaf and Perry, and when Teemu and Andy Mac needed space Fedoruk was able to help out there. I have to admit I was one of the ones who thought Fedoruk lost it after getting Boogaarded, but I saw some Minny games towards the end of last year when he played with Gaborik and Demitra and looked like his old self.

RudyKelly said...

Ribeiro fucking sucks.

The Robber Baron said...

I just heard reports that Mitchell just broke his leg in a scrimmage today going into a goal post hard. Nothing confirmed yet, but something to watch for. This blows if it's true =/

Ian said...

Dave Pollack reported it over on Working the Corners. Out 8 weeks or so.

Hey Rudy, go write something about how you irrationally love Giguere, 'mkay?

Joe said...

Who do I irrationally love? Niko Dimitrakos was one. I always would end up getting him in my NHL 200x franchises or whatever. I'm not really sure why.

RudyKelly said...

Because you like saying his name.

VeryProudofYa said...




Sarah said...

Way back in 1993, Mathieu Schneider was my irrational, why-the-hell-do-I-like-this-guy favorite player. I joke that I've "known" him longer than both of his wives.

Then, in 2000 or so, when everyone liked Vinnie Lecavalier, I liked the younger, dumber brother (from another mother) Brad Richards.

Either I have good luck with my long shot pics, or I curse players to a career of being second fiddle. Knowing me, my money is on the latter.

Brandon said...

As a Sharks fan: Owen Nolan.

Washington said...

I'll be honest, I don't really know why. I mean, he's a good young center, but he's not the kind of person that should make my pants tight.

Here's my theory: Maybe you subconsciously realized he's a dead ringer for Ethan Hawke. A ridiculously fast Ethan Hawke.

My irrational pick: Yutaka Fukufuji. Why? Cuz he's Japanese.