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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Present or Future? Carle or Redden?

If you believe TSN.ca (and I have no reason not to) Wade Redden was asked to waive his no-trade because the Sharks called and asked about his availability. Sources claim the offer was Matt Carle and a draft pick. Carle was just signed to a 4-year deal and has the potential to be ...well Wade Redden in about 3-4 years. Doug Wilson has not denied the interest in Redden and has not denied the trade offer. This trade would be similar to trading for Rivet last year. Trade for a veteran D-man who is scheduled to be an UFA after the season. DWilson is betting on getting Redden out of the media spotlight in Canada and once Redden sees California, he would be happy to re-sign after the season (and hopefully a long playoff run). Of course all of this is an ideal situation. The other option would be that Redden turns into Bill Guerin. Comes over in a trade, gets hurt/plays poorly and then leaves after the season to sign with another team, and Carle becomes the next Brian Leetch. It will be interesting to see how Carle plays now that he knows how close he was to being traded to another team.

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General Sharky said...

TSN already reported that Redden won't waive his no trade clause because he wants to bring the cup to Ottawa (yea right, we all know it's going to San Jose this year =D ). I hope we don't trade Matt Carle, I like the kid.