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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kings Gameday: Strange Goings On Down at Staples

LA Kings (burp) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (26-23-8, 11th in West)

3:00 PST, FSN West

Nevermind that Ducks-Wings game, this one is obviously more important.

You know what's strange? The Kings, the Laker, the Clippers, and the Ducks have all been on road trips of at least 7 games.

The Kings: 8 games; last home game January 24th; return February 15th

The Clippers: 7 games; last home game January 30th; return February 15th

The Lakers: 9 games; last home game January 31st; return February 19th

The Ducks: 8 games; last home game January 30th; return February 15th

Seriously, what the hell? I assumed their must be a convention going on at Staples Center or something, but nothing shows up on their event calendar. There's only one possible explanation for this: Secret Freemasons Convention. I'd tell Earl to go check it out since he works by there, but I'm afraid he'd just end up getting disappeared. Strange, though.


Clint Howard with hair.

The Kings are playing the Columbus Blue Jackets this afternoon, meaning they get to face the perpetually overrated Rick Nash. Has anyone not followed through on initial promise as much as Nash? Hey look, you have 45 points this season; congratulations, you're Dustin Brown. Plus, has anyone noticed that he looks like Patrick O'Sullivan's drunk older brother? I can't find a good picture of O'Sullivan to prove it, but I swear it's true. They're kinda like young and old Elvis.


I'd like to see Brian Boyle get 1 game between Mike Cammalleri and Alex Frolov. Just one game. That's all I ask. Oh, and don't make Handzus play with Giuliano and Ivanans, that's just mean. Oh, and Dan Cloutier should be playing today... mother of God.

Prediction: Kings win a barnburner, 7-6. Goals by Boyle, Frolov, Cammalleri, Kopitar, O'Sullivan, Brown, and... Dan Cloutier!!!


Earl Sleek said...

I can't wait for pissy Columbus fans to get all high-and-mighty about your game prediction.

Nothing against Columbus fans, really, I'm still just picking on Pissyburgh.

Anonymous said...

For the L.A. teams it's the Grammys.

VeryProudofYa said...

And so Dan Cloutier's reign of failure begins again.

RudyKelly said...

Hey, he didn't play that badly. What do you want him to do, the puck was tipped halfway there.

Also, I'd just like to record for posterity that Jim Fox called Kevin Dallman "Dalai Lama" and said that Frolov was "Africa hot." I think it's time to put him in a home.

KMS2 said...

In case some of you don't (or can't) watch this game between the two most exciting teams in the West, I'm trying (and failing) at a live game blog so you can get a quick overview of what's been going on.

You know..Cloutier hasn't looked that bad...yet.