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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brian Freakin' Campbell

Brian Campbell for Steve Bernier/1st rounder? Holy crap, that's a steal. I'm assuming there's a conditional pick involved should Campbell sign. For the first time in, well, ever, the Sharks have a legit #1 defenseman in his prime. Maybe the power play will finally score now AND the Sharks keep Patrick Marleau. Not too shabby, eh?

As for Dallas getting Brad Richards (it's official), fuck you Dallas.


Anonymous said...

where'd you hear this one from?

Spector's certainly doesn't have it posted, and between him and Kukla, they'd know...

Spector's Trade Rumors

RudyKelly said...

TSN and Kukla have both had it up for about an hour. Mike, what do you think of Steve Bernier?

Mike Chen said...

Bernier has flashes where you think he'll be a great power forward. He's not afraid to hit anything and has a wicked shot, but I don't think his hockey sense is all that great. Once defensemen figured out how to guard against his power wraparound move he did a lot during his rookie year, he just wasn't that effective. I think with some time he'll be a career 25-goal guy -- pretty good, but nothing exceptional. If he took some power skating classes during the offseason, he'd be much better. In terms of this deal, though, Wilson had bounced Bernier between the 2nd line, 4th line, and press box all season, so it won't be a huge lineup difference. With Ryan Clowe coming back soon, you're essentially getting a second-tier forward coming back for nothing, and Devin Setoguchi's still available for call up, so Bernier won't be missed too much on the ice. My friend's Bernier jersey, however, is now outdated.

Ted said...

I haven't liked some of Doug Wilson's post-Joe moves, but like you say, I think this one is a steal.

I just don't think Bernier has the drive to make himself into the best player he can be. That was the ding against him coming up, and it proved to be true. He has talent and size, there is no doubting that. He could fulfill his promise, and I wish him well.

Mike said...

Bernier is a big guy that doesn't play big often enough. That's my beef. He's got reasonable ability with the puck, but if he doesn't play like a 220+ pounder, he's interchangable with half the guys in the NHL.

Oh, you probably meant the other Mike.

Bryan said...

Definitely big moves by SJ and Dallas. Lets see what Detroit and Ducks do to counter.

Prediction: Detroit trades a young guy and first rounder for Hossa.

Burke: Burke picks up another character guy because he faxes his trade in too late again.

RudyKelly said...

Do they really still fax trades? It seems like there's this thing, with the tubes, what's it called... oh yeah, the internet! They should use that instead.

I'd like to see what would happen to that poor fax machine if there was a paper jam at 11:59 in Brian Burke's office.

Bryan said...

Well Brian Burke is old school. He still think Bertuzzi is good.

Earl Sleek said...

Richards Schmichards! Campbell Schmampbell!

It's Bergeron time!

I have no idea what Burke's plan is, but my first thought was "Dear god, Pronger's hurt."

However, it may just be a maintenance plan for his anticipated suspensions, you never know.

As for J.S. Aubin, I dunno, maybe the Duck shooters needed some confidence? Whatever, though. The important thing is that the Ducks didn't sell the farm today. The rest is all just tinkering.

Morbo said...

Bergeron = 08 version of Jackman, but with a better shot?

*Morbo picking up Jussi Jokinen in both his fantasy teams ASAP*