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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joe Sakic vs Kim Jong Il

Joe Sakic and Kim Jong Il seperated at birth? Can you tell which one is a future Hall of Fame center and which one is Joe Sakic?

Sakic, who was activated off of the IR this weekend, will join retreads in trade deadline acquisition Adam Foote and recently un-retired Peter Forsberg. With Ryan Smyth looking to regain his form in front of the net, should the 9th place Avalanche be considered a dark horse candidate to shock the world and knock someone out of the first round?

Online Magic 8-ball says yes.


Megalodon said...

In addition to having a famously excellent golf-game (11 holes in one on his first ever try!), Kim Jong Il has a 200 mph slap-shot and a +/- rating of +512.

Forsberg sucks.

Kirsten said...

I'm furious that they have managed to get this much better so quickly. I was really liking the Avs not being good. *sigh* I hate the NW division.