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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ducks Gameday—Teemu and the Twin Assisters

St. Louis Blues (28-23-9, t-11th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (34-23-7, 3rd in west)

Today is my last day of work for my current (soon to be former) employer, and as such, I'm quite unmotivated to write anything meaningful today. It should be an interesting game tonight for two reasons:

  • No Weight + No Marchant + No Carter = Opportunity. The Ducks have recalled a guy I've never heard of, Andrew Ebbett, to help fill the new void at center. Now I'm a guy who pays very very poor attention to the minor leagues, so it's quite possible I should know something about Ebbett, but I generally never hear of anybody until they set foot on NHL ice. It's always pretty exciting to see a prospect-kid for the first time, though. It's like a wrapped present from your grandmother; it's probable that once you unwrap it you'll be disappointed, but who knows? Your grandmother's crazy enough that there could be a serviceable player in there.

  • Teemu gets to face off against his two favorite assist-men. Selanne's career in Anaheim has been built with the cooperation of two speedy little guys -- Paul Kariya (pre-lockout) and Andy McDonald (post-lockout), and for the first time, Selanne gets to play against them both tonight. I don't know how much head-to-head time I'd expect in tonight's matchup, but I always am intrigued when longtime linemates get put on opposite ends of the ice. Will they hit each other? Will they mistakenly pass to each other? Are they concentrating on outperforming each other, or are they making dinner plans for later?

Poll: Which little speedster did Selanne have better chemistry with?

Anyways, I'll be up in the nosebleeds tonight listening for boos so I can tell which speedy midget is Kariya. Section 407, Row L, green shirt.

Prediction: Ducks 4, Blues 1. Goals by Selanne (assists: Kariya, McDonald), Huskins, Pahlsson, and the mystery callup called Ebbett.

Go Ducks.


Bryan said...

Ebbet always flashed up during Duck games as being a top scorer on the Pirates. Also he was the player who most impressed me during preseason.

I'd have to say McDonald. Kariya and Selanne were 2 star players in their prime. Chemistry wasnt as necessary.

RudyKelly said...

Ebbet is 25 and is currently averaging a point a game in the AHL. He'll probably end up as nothing more than a depth player and will most likely end up spending his career in the AHL, but you could do worse.

How the hell do you put your hand through the photographer's hole, anyway?

andrew said...

Have a good time at the game, Earl. And watch out for those Jack and Cokes, they'll sneak up on you.

Westcoast Ray said...

I'm in 428. Usually stand in the concourse during the intermissions. #10 perry sweater - if you walk by a beer is on me.

Earl Sleek said...

And watch out for those Jack and Cokes, they'll sneak up on you.

Yeah, Andrew saw my messiness after Wednesday's game.

I don't really know why this is, but I've been to both Avs games this year (both on late invites), and have gotten obliterated each time.

It may be a good thing if they miss the playoffs--the potential hurt on my liver would be enormous.

andrew said...

I would suggest that it's not the booze, but the Avalanche themselves that bring on the involuntary wretching. Although, that could just be my opinion.

Awesome game though, thanks again for the invite.

RudyKelly said...

I don't know how you drink at games. I'm always way too nervous to drink when the Kings are playing. Maybe I should start smoking during games. Or doing heroin.

Earl Sleek said...

I don't know how you drink at games.

Well, I've got one fundamental key that really helps me out -- start drinking a few hours beforehand, then the rest comes naturally.

The liquor really helps with the game stress sometimes, especially in those games where you're walking back to the parking lot and have to ask who scored.

Finny said...

I love Andy Mac. He's cool and all... but if we're voting chemistry points and all... I have to go with the evil PK (pre-evilness).

I mean, I still remember - vividly - them streaking down the ice together, no look passes, and just clean, clean, clean.... It was beautiful. Gorgeous. I fell in love with the game because of how they played. I fell in love with them as players because of how they played.

I loveddddddd the Dynamic Duo!!! frickin' golden days of old, crappy Mighty Ducks...


man... I'll see you in the 'bleeders section... but you're sitting on the opposite side of the arena than I am haahha...

bdub said...

its a good time to remember this clip


"Prior to the 2004 season, Colorado Avalanche forward Dan Hinote interviewed new teammates Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne." NHL Cool Shots

Jon said...

Fans in MICHIGAN know Ebby...and he's doing GREAT in your A-team...you'll like him with Ferris State's Kunitz