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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm in love...

...with this week's PuckToon. I'm expecting a call from Hallmark any minute now.

Enjoy, and have a happy Valentine's Day!


Meg said...

Nice! I'm sure Hallmark is preparing their offer as I type. :)

Earl Sleek said...

Maybe the best part of that poem was my restraint. I probably would have been crossing the line with the stanza about skates to my heart's throat.

Kirsten said...

That was an excellent poem. I'd have to say, I'd pick the guy who presented me a hockey related poem over one who gave me some shitty Hallmark.

PS, I hope you don't accept their offer, Sleek, I don't want to see the quality of your work decline.

RudyKelly said...

Your heart is in love with Brian Marchment? Good stuff, Earl.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, I won't be selling out to any Hallmark, at least not until they get their offer up to the 10-15 year contract range.

NHL players teach me negotiation lessons all the time.

Sherry said...

Your heart is in love with Brian Marchment? Good stuff, Earl.

See, I was going to say "Chris Pronger".

Happy Valentine's Day, BoC. That poem is better than the NHL-themed valentine's day cards at the drug store with such witty phrases as "You're my MVP!" and "You're a SENSational Valentine!"

Bryan said...

The poem is awesome.

Lol SENSational Valentine.

My favorite is

Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
Now Let's go duck.

Or something like that.

zot said...

It's a bit late, but I was inspired by your poetry to make my own poem. :P (I hope the tags come out right.)

In honor of St. Valentine's, an ode to our sport

Heaps of love and praise, I guess, or something of that sort
East coast bias lingers on, turning a blind eye west
And coming up next at ten, a tiny blurb at best
Riding bulls and hunting deer, let's not forget the fish
To be upstaged by card games, was not that once our wish?

Hated commissioners (Bettman!), one lost year of play
Of these problems in our league, there's nothing more to say.
Concussions, body injuries... what about the flu?
Kicking motion, interference, there's no goal for you!
Each missed call, bad penalties, heck, every boo and hiss
Yet even with the negatives... Wait! I love this?!

Earl Sleek said...

Great work, Zot (where's your cartoon? I kid.)

You may have solved an eternal question on this type of poem: what to do with an odd number of letters (just carry on, it seems).

Still, if I can inspire hockey poetry from readers, I think I'll consider my blogging career a smashing success.

zot said...

Even though the stanzas are uneven, I think the trick is to have an even number of lines total. And here's
my crappy cartoon
to go along with my poem.