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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ducks Gameday—Cartoons are my anti-depressant

Anaheim Ducks (19-16-5, t-7th in west) at Vancouver Canucks (21-13-4, 5th in west)

Well, a piss-poor, gift-wrapped finish against the Flames (and their pals, the officials) probably deserves a solid rebound game. Unless, of course, the Ducks are dead-set on not making any penalty-related resolutions until the new year.

Here's hoping for a tasty outcome.

No Pahlsson = no prediction. Go Ducks.


spade-in-victorhell said...

earl hate to state the obvious but u jinxed niedemeyer...he had the worst game ever in a ducks uniform....that hnidy giveaway to huslius made me want to go shoot a baby rabbit......son of a muthfuckin bitch!!!! fuuuck!!!

on a good note the stache scored..


ducks lose again I will throw up


fuck fuck fuck


giggy looked like shit too
...ghost faced hilla should be in tonite

Kirsten said...

Good! Take down my division rivals!

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, probably not even with the GDP, but I turned to my brother halfway through last night's game and remarked, "Have the Flames even had a power play yet? What's with all the discipline?"

Well, that ended pretty damn quickly. Old habits, I guess, though how Parros took four minutes for being punched I'll never know.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, and I guess it's worth pointing out that last time the Ducks were in Vancouver, they played shorthanded for 12:28, including 2-men-down for 5:12 (!). The Canucks scored 3 PPGs during that time. The Ducks, meanwhile, got a whopping 2:00 of PP time, going scoreless.

I'm really hoping we get a different set of refs this time.

Itlan said...

Yeah, that game last night was tough. It's hard to win games when a Duck player on every shift does something stupid, then looks at the Ref with a confused face. Bertuzzi's penalty was typical. Could there have been a more flagrant penalty to take?

You can bet Carlyle took piece ou of each of their hides last night or today. To lose a game 5-3 when you were up 3-1 is unacceptable.

Over the past 5 games, the Ducks were surprisingly disciplined. What the hell happened?

Dave said...

There were cases last night where the refs screwed both teams. Calgary got screwed in the first half (I'd argue a bit more, so many blatant penalties weren't called against the Ducks...in one Flames powerplay there were two or three incidents in a row that could've been called a penalty, but weren't).

The difference was, which team can overcome the refs to play to win. The real reason the Ducks lost was Niedermayer's AHL-style play around the net, and Huselius' schooling of him.

Earl Sleek said...

Dave, that's a bit trite to say. Nieder's fumble was glaring, sure, but I'd say taking penalties every four minutes until the game ended (without Pahlsson on the roster) was the big factor.

Sure, overcoming refs is a truism, and last night was less about that than overcoming bad habits, but there's still a point where power play parades become ridiculous, and last night had to qualify.

Temujin said...

Well, it's been a tasty treat so far... Go Canucks Go!


I really feel as though you owe me a t-shirt, or something, ya arsehole!

Earl Sleek said...

Well, I'm not sure a 2-goal Canuck lead is surmountable. It certainly isn't very watchable.

Happy fuckin' new year. Fuck.

Mike said...

Oh pish posh...it's absolutely watchable.

Earl, who do you hate more: Cooke or Kesler? My money is always on Cooke, but Kesler's done a good job on Getzlaf tonight.

Mike said...

...or I could keep my stupid mouth shut about Getzlaf. A hell of a pass by Scotty there...

Earl Sleek said...

Earl, who do you hate more: Cooke or Kesler?

I think based on the last time the Ducks were in Vancouver, Kesler. He took a pretty stupid dive and drew a call, that stuff always rubs me the wrong way.

It's also why I full expect all opponent fans to hate the hell out of Corey Perry.

As for the shutdown aspect, usually I just end up hating the Getzlaf line for being too lazy in their own end.

Mike said...

As for the shutdown aspect, usually I just end up hating the Getzlaf line for being too lazy in their own end.

I would blame the Bertuzzi effect for that. Can't help it, I see the word 'lazy' and his name is the first that springs to mind. He did get an assist on that goal though.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, Bert is totally lazy, but this has been a Getzlaf-Perry phenomenon even before he was piggybacking on that line. Basically, whichever end of the ice Getzlaf & Perry start out on, it will take 30+ seconds for the puck to reach the neutral zone again. They'll either cause trouble for defenders or be in trouble trying to defend.

Earl Sleek said...

I really feel as though you owe me a t-shirt, or something, ya arsehole!

You know what, I probably do. Got one in mind?

Otherwise, feel free to lift anything off this site and promote it as your own :)

Mike said...

Oh yeah, I know it's not Bert. It's really my ignorance of the Getzlaf/Perry line since I don't see them too much.

Seems to me the game was completely opposite for both teams: Vancouver had a better first, got the bounce on Cooke's goal in the second and sucked completely in the third. Anaheim was alive in the third but too little too late really.

Scott Nidermayer could be 100 years old and I'll still shit bricks every time he jumps up in the rush on Vancouver.

Zanstorm said...

Ah Mike, you give them damned Ducks too much credit. And mother FUCK Niedermayer. He's bag of dung.
3 games against the defending champs....3 wins! It's a great year!

Temujin said...

Rather than a shirt, how about a late-night drunken congratulatory cell phone call in June when Naslund takes the cup from Bettman and hands it to Luongo.

Or you could post a cartoon with Bertuzzi sorrowfully staring at the Canucks as makes his way to the dressing room. I sure don't miss him.

Niedermayer doesn't look like he missed the first thirty games of the season. If that is what passes for a bag of dung, I'll take a heaping helping of horseshit on the blueline over the likes of Sami Effin Salo.

Kirsten said...

For real. Pass that horseshit on over to the Wild, fucking anything has to be better than Skoula.

Even though Niedermayer plays for the Ducks, I'm having a really hard time holding that fact against him. He's magical.

spade-in-victorhell said...

garbage earl ..garbage mang...now can u put up the art of sucicde graphic back up?

im pointing the finger to RC...had he let his guys loose like he did the 3rd period of the canucks game...(i.e. let them play like they did last year,) this road trip would have been way different...hes playing ultra conservative...and the ducks play like garbage like that....

thanx for overcoaching and plungin us further downt he standings RC you fuck face

spade-in-victorvhell said...

ek says hnidy to boston? has opur goat been shipped out?