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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kings Gameday: The Kings are Like Candy Corn

Los Angeles Kings (eek) @ Dallas Stars (16-11-4, 4th in West)

I'm the idiot who keeps thinking this time the candy corn will actually be good.

Prediction: We're doomed.


spade-in-victorhell said...

well at least u guys have an excuse rudy...your young and still looking to the future which apears to be bright...our team has a former norris trophy winner...conn smithe winner goaile....2 great young goal scores considered good (getz, perry)....schiender and frankie who are suppose to be considered solid..and the whole team winning the cup and we can't beat a luongo-less, morrison less one line team who you guys hammered...the icing on the cake was goals scored by 2 call-ups...garbage garbage.

if your candy corn were tootsie rolls...u know the ones that look like shit

Megalodon said...

Even if there were a thousand people blogging about the Kings each and every day, nobody else would make this insightful comparison.

Chris in Torrance said...

We'll get to see the good side of the Norstrom for Modry trade as I think Matty is back from injury. It's still painful for me to see him in that green uniform.

Bryan said...

Kings aren't so bad, at least they haven't played 5 more games than most of the NHL like the Ducks. 2 big defensive breakdowns in the 1st and Bertuzzi and Marchant unable to convert on huge opportunities. Most King players would have buried that shit.

And apparently I'm even more of an idiot because I like candy corn

Ian said...

Look at the bright side, Rudy. At least Lombardi's been in this situation before, when he set the table for the Sharks extended success. You're a good goalie and a consistent scorer away from being a team on the upswing, I think.

Earl Sleek said...

Kings aren't so bad, at least they haven't played 5 more games than most of the NHL like the Ducks.

Curious. You'd rather have the crummier record with a few games in hand? Maybe that's why this team is in the pits--some of its fans don't even have a clear concept of what standings record they might prefer.

Way to go, Kings. Way to follow the NHL schedule and get those games-in-hand!