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Friday, December 07, 2007

Will Patzold Ever Start a Game?

Tonight looked like the perfect chance for Rwilson to start Patzold with a home game tomorrow night versus Buffalo. But once again, the Sharks dominated the Coyotes (even though the score was only 1-0). No local television but the Sharks radio announcers mentioned several times how boring this game was. 4 games versus the Yotes and 4 wins. The Coyotes scored the 1st goal of the series only to see the Sharks score the next 16 with 3 straight shutouts for Nabby. Enough about the game, what is there to say about a 1-0 game.

Random thoughts:

-Mark Recchi was put on re-entry waivers by Pittsburgh. Any team that claims him only owes him 1/2 of his 1.75 million salary. Worth the risk?

-I was gonna write asking who is playing better right now than Joe Thornton?....then Zetterberg goes and gets a hat trick. Who would you rather have right now?


Earl Sleek said...

Mark Recchi--worth the risk?

He'll be worth it to some team, I'm sure, but that team had better have their lineup together already. He'll be more valuable to a Detroit than to a Washington. It might not be a bad play for Burke, actually (he's not signed next year, is he?), as the Ducks might be losing a forward soon.

Thornton v. Zetterberg: Who would you rather have right now?

I think I'm leaning JT. Thornton is able to put up the points without a Lidstrom on his blueline, but I'm not sure there's a right answer here.

Ian said...

As I said on Shaved Ice, Recchi is not worth the risk. At all. He's been old since Biggie and Tupac were killed, he's slow, and there's no Sharks forward that I would consider him an upgrade over.

He couldn't produce in Pittsburgh, where he was getting ice time with Crosby and Malkin for a while. A move to the West would be even tougher on his old, old, really old bones with the faster tempo and more difficult travel.

Plus, we've had great luck with Roenick and Ozo. Our quota for reclamation projects has been filled.

Bryan said...

Thornton by far. If I had to start a team from scratch, I'd have a tough time choosing between Crosby and Thornton.

I still don't think Zetterberg is among the top 2 on his team. Actually that reminds me, Lidstrom could possibly beat out Crosby and Thornton.