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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ducks Gameday—Second Try: Sleek at Honda Center

Colorado Avalanche (19-13-1, t-6th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (16-15-5, 8th in west)

First off, make sure to check out Rudy's gameday post below (stupid NHL, always scheduling BoC games on the same day!). Meanwhile, our good friend and loyal commenter spade-in-victorhell sent me a link to this picture yesterday, with the suggestion that I use it in today's gameday post:

I was researching stuff for as avalanche cartoon and came across this....made me laugh...theres a funny caption that needs to go to this....Cant think of a good one.

Insert your caption here.

I really didn't think I was going to use it, but as I got crammed with day-job-work last night and didn't really have anything else prepared, the idea gained more and more steam. So here it is--feel free to add a caption, hockey-related or not, in the comments.

I haven't really written anything about the game I went to last Friday. You know, the one where I promised a Niedermayer return but instead got treated to the Ducks falling behind 5-0 to the Wild before deciding they were allowed to score goals in the game also. Well, that game certainly sucked, though I was able to do a lot of heavy drinking, plus some Ducks-related Christmas shopping during the 3rd period. I was really proud of one feat--despite not spending all of regulation in my seat, I managed to piss off both the person sitting directly in front of me (for being too negative about the 5-0 deficit) and the person sitting directly behind me (for standing for the last minute of a decided game).

Now I'm a guy who probably should be more apologetic for over-drinking at games, but even so, I refuse to take a lot of crap from Anaheim fans behind me too enamored with their seated view, especially since I'm not a guy who spends much time standing anyway. I usually have one of three comebacks ready for anyone with the nerve to tell me to sit down:
  • "Well your legs don't look broken."

  • "Aw, did you think you were going to the library tonight?"

  • "If you spent a little more money, you could have had these seats in front of me."
Yeah, it's not really that tactful, but when you're properly inebriated, it's fabulous.

Anyway, that's my roundabout way of saying that I'll be back at the Honda Center tonight for some redemption, (fortunately for some whiners) sitting in an entirely different section. Tonight, rather than sitting in the lower bowl, I'll be rubbing elbows with the rich kids in the 300 section. It's a pretty unique perch, actually, as I'll be in front of the Jack Daniels bar in the wheelchair row, wearing the green shirt as usual. Good news: Nobody will be complaining behind me if I stand up and cheer or jeer. Bad news: I'll have to be more careful than usual assuming that people's legs aren't broken. Dilemma: Should I utilize the waiter service or just walk twenty feet to the bar?

Prediction: Since Scott's return, the Ducks have allowed only one goal in two games, and that was on a shorthanded breakaway. It's really amazing--the guy takes six months off hockey and returns to be the best Duck on the ice for two games straight. Ducks 4, Avs 2. Goals by Getzlaf, Pronger, Pahlsson, and Bertuzzi. Drinky Sleek only pisses off one fan, but after a few more drinks all is forgotten.

Go Ducks.


spade-in-victorhell said...

"we love our ryan smyth love love love him"

Earl Sleek said...

"OK, OK, Mr. Big Shot Avs Fan. I'll sit down!"

spade-in-victorhell said...

"oh earl your coming to watch us play the ducks tonite...come give me a big hug!!! what were's your green shirt? whats this burgandy parka!!!"

Niekon said...

do they even have Guinness up there? You're going to be tipping someone either way... whether it's brought to you or you go get it... be a lazy bastard ^_~

So no chances of you tumbling over the railing is there? Maybe divebomb the whiners down in the bowl?

spade-in-victorhell said...

those seats are notorious for having jackasses dancing during breaks with music playing...I better not hear of a green shirt doing the cabbage patch...and watch out for the fish-eye camera!!

Earl Sleek said...

do they even have Guinness up there?

I've only sat up there once before--I think if I wandered around I could find a Guinness stand, but as I recall it might not be on the waiter menu.

Still, I'm more than comfortable with Jack--it was my main comfort in the Wild game.

I better not hear of a green shirt doing the cabbage patch...

You're safe there. My only tricks consist of drinking and yelling.

Kirsten said...

Thus far the only player in the game seems to be S. Niedermayer. That's what the announcers would have us believe anyway.

RudyKelly said...

How the hell do you only win in overtime when you out shoot the other team, 38-12?

Gordon Bombay said...

Damn, it's good to be (marginally) famous. If I grow up and write a blog, do you think I'll be able to have people buy me drinks at the Ponda?

spade-in-victorhell said...


-only 2 goals allowed in 3 games since niedemeyer has been back

-defense solid

-sleek wasnt on the kiss cam


-giving a western conference team an un-earened point IMO

-parros kinda lost and the haircut he has now

-37 games played

-the ducks lack of aim

p.s. sleek what were u drinking? and did u piss anyone off?

Earl Sleek said...

Thanks everyone, especially the two readers who stopped by (one even bought me a drink! hooray!).

I was pretty knee-deep in Jack Daniels last night; I don't think I pissed anybody off, but I'm probably not the best person to really answer that. As for the game itself, I'm also no real expert. I was distracted enough that I had to ask my brother later who scored.

Still, fun night indeed! I love wins.

Bryan said...

Budaj definitely made some nice saves but the Ducks were also shooting alot of pucks right at him. Another game where no forward scored a goal.

I love how the Ducks now have an amazing defense, but the offense is severely lacking. As good as Getzlaf is, the Ducks lack a superstar forward and that definitely worries me. I know that is the sacrifice of having the best defense ever, but it definitely worries me. I also realize that close to 16% of the Ducks salary cap is used by Bertuzzi, Sutherby and Marchant. I would be much happier if I knew Selanne were returning.

Bryan said...

But I am very happy with the Ducks since Niedermayer's return. 5 out of a possible 6 points is fantastic. I just worry about what happens if the Ducks actually do give up some goals.

kevin said...

-37 games played

No kidding. The Blues are 10th in the West, five points behind the Ducks, but have played only 30 games.