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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sharks Forced to Play Home Games

Now we will see if the Sharks have finally turned the corner or will the season of inconsistency continue. After a 10 game road winning and compiling a ridiculous 16-3-2 road record overall, the Sharks come home for 14 home games in the next 18 games. Can they continue to play the patient style that has worked so well on the road? If you listen to Ron Wilson, his reasoning for the Sharks shaky home record is that they want to entertain us the fans and if something doesn't go right, they fall apart and put pressure on themselves to do more. I don't see a big difference in style of play between the road and home, but the players themselves seem to think they relax on the road and play a simple game. This is an important stretch of games as when this stretch is over, there will be 10 days left till the trade deadline. If the Sharks continue this inconsistency, moves will be expected. There are only so many "team meetings" that can be called and Doug Wilson can only talk to the players so many times. It is up to the players now.

Random Thoughts:

-The Winter Classic was a fun event to watch. Too bad the conditions didn't help out the players. Towards the end of the game players seemed to be pushing the puck as snow flurries made stick handling difficult unless you are Sidney Crosby. Is this kid really only 20 years old?

-The Sabres need to bring back their old "retro" jerseys (hint to the Sharks also). I kept expecting Pat LaFontaine to skate out there.

-The Red Wings are playing great (even without Zetterberg) I don't see anyone catching them for the President's Trophy. Watching their Power Play looks like they have a 2 man advantage all the time.

-Ducks traded Shane Hnidy for Brandon Bochenski. Does this clear room for the return of Teemu?

I am not a capologist so I will leave that last point to Earl Sleek to tell us if that does anything to clear cap space.


Earl Sleek said...

-Ducks traded Shane Hnidy for Brandon Bochenski. Does this clear room for the return of Teemu?

Sorry I've been absent today--actually, maybe get used to it. My workplace has switched locations to a spot where I have no access to Blogger or Blogger-based blogs during the workday. And yes, it sucks.

Anyway, I did hear that this happened, but I'm not sure it's a cap move, per se. Really, it's replacing a guy who won't be getting ice time (Hnidy) with a guy who will see some (Bochenski)--one former Sen for another.

I've stopped trying to be a capologist myself; it's so complex and so stupid that I refuse to get knowledgeable about it. We'll just have to accept GMs' word as fact, which is pretty much what happens anyway.

Bryce said...

From what I've read, Bochenski makes about 100,000 grand less than Hnidy did, and I really really doubt that Selanne's hung up on a number like that.

This is a deal that will squeeze in Perry's extension, as they move Hnidy and the 700k 'tagged' for next year while acquiring a player whose contract ends this season.

Burke also alluded to making a move after the holidays in order to resign perry.

I like the deal though, because Bochenski's shown flashes of offensive ability, putting up 22 points in 30 games in boston. If he can log minutes successfully with Perry and Getzlaf he may work out beautifully.

General Sharky said...

Has any one read the official game day preview for tonight's Sharks game? Here's a quote from it:

"I really don't know what it is," said Sharks captain Joe Thornton, who had two assists. "We feel comfortable on the road. I can't put one thing on it. We try to play the same on the road as we do at home, but we (get) wins on the road, so it's been exciting."

Notice it says Sharks captain. Is Joe our new captain or is this a typo and they meant assistant captain?