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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ducks win; Links are on me!

First off, a hearty congratulations goes out to the BoC All-Stars, all named today (I guess Californians were saving their votes for the presidential primaries): From the Sharks, C Joe Thornton and G Evgeni Nabokov. From the Ducks, C Ryan Getzlaf and D Chris Pronger. And from the Kings, everyone's favorite raccoon C Anze Kopitar. Pretty much all of these were fairly expected selections, but congrats nonetheless.

Secondly, Ducks fans can check out Finny @ GWAP's rundown of the annual State of the Franchise address, which has become quite the event since it incorporated Brian Burke's big mouth. He had a quote that I won't disagree with, but I'm still surprised the guy had the guts to say it publicly: "Getzlaf is better than either Perry or Penner, and maybe better than them combined -- and I'd say the same thing if Perry or Penner were standing here now." I usually tend to agree with Burkie, and this is no exception, but I wonder if this will get brought up during next summer's extension talk with Corey Perry.

And just for kicks, here's a link to today's PuckToon from AOL Fanhouse. Enjoy!


As an aside, I found out yesterday that I will be in attendance this Sunday for the Sharks @ Ducks contest, up in the 300s wheelchair row again with my kid brother. More on that to come later!


spade-in-victorhell said...

its hard to figure burke out...Im guessing hes giving perry some tough love....hes weird...he says he wont overspend on a player...but then he overspent on tuzzi?...what I do see is he plays favorites...so maybe there is somthing that he doesnt like about perry...or maybe hes still just bitter about the whole penner thing...i dunnno...

whats your take on this stance?..i think maybe hes just trying to be a leader among the leauge on nto bowing to players...it sux though could be at the expense of perry...well c..if perry has no backbone and gets butt hurt easy...hell be a goner...I dont think so...I think he like burkes style...not sure though..

Earl Sleek said...

whats your take on this stance?..

I dunno, I guess as usual I'm not too worried about it. I know I've heard enough Burke that he's going to ruffle some feathers when he talks, and I'm pretty sure Perry knows not to get his feelings hurt every time Burkie talks.

Mainly, I think it's just Burke sending a message to Perry--Anaheim will be cost-conscious, but I don't know if that's surprising.

I'm still holding onto the theory that they both know what dollar amount Perry is signing for next summer, and are just waiting for the cap freedom to do so.

Bryan said...

Perry likes to talk a lot of crap and ruffle feathers, so you'd expect him not to get butt hurt about it. The problem it turns out those kind of guys are the ones more likely to. We don't know what talks have already occurred. I'm expecting a Michalek type contract, and I'm hoping that Perry's production which is largely a result of playing with Getzlaf will not raise his price.

spade-in-victorhell said...

we play in anaheim..but we have a hollywood type atmosphere on this team...definatly entertaining...and hey thats what sports is suppose to be about...i just need to learn to chill take a drink of jack...and realize things will work out..haha i love this team..

so in the support of that gay comment...i think perry will be signed..

spade-in-victorhell said...

meant spirit...woops