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Friday, January 18, 2008

Three lightly researched nuggets

Here are some somewhat random NHL and BoC thoughts of varying quality:

  • The Kings have been on the brain ever since I foolishly compared the Marc Crawford – Patrick Roy Avalanche to the early 90s Cowboys. After some (reckless) thought, I think the Kings need to try to engineer their own version of the Herschel Walker for a bunch of draft picks that stocked the Cowboys dynasty trade.

OK, enough with that analogy: the Kings need to take a page from John Davidson’s playbook and make a trade deadline feast out of their short term players. The Kings indeed should follow the Blues' lead by giving up their dead weight for quality draft picks (just look, the Blues even like their former coaches!)

Rudy did a fantastic job detailing a player who is there biggest bargaining chip, Rob Blake. When you consider the rarity of a tough, skilled veteran D-man compared to the loafing mediocrity of a Bill Guerin or Keith Tkachuk, the Kings theoretically could get a helluva package.

Smaller names include Ladislav Nagy (what the hell happened to him?) and Brad Stuart. You know, more or less every recent FA signing.

  • There is talk out there about a possible Jaromir Jagr trade. Now, I don't know how feasibly the polarizing Czech superstar could fit into the Sharks payroll (am I guessing wrong that they'd have to finally legitimize the Patrick Marleau trade rumors by moving him for the formerly mulleted wonder?), but that still gets the old imagination tingling.
Again, I'm too lazy to get into the nuts and bolts of the salary cap in this deal. But could your feeble minds conjure a more terrifying line combination than Joe Thornton + Jaromir Jagr + fire hydrant?

That would be one of the most talented and often mocked super-lines in recent NHL history.

  • This isn't really BoC specific, but after watching the Winter Classic game and learning that the Buffalo Sabres' merchandise outsells that of the Buffalo Bills, can't we all agree that a good Sabres team is good for the NHL?
It's really depressing to watch such a high flying, good-for-the-game group unravel like this. Even though it probably falls at the feet of Sabres management, let's just blame it on that stupid Buffaslug logo.


Earl Sleek said...

Good post. The problem with the Buffalo Sabres, from my western eyes, is that in a salary cap world with players looking at point totals for salary comparables, it's not good business to play a high-scoring, everybody-gets-50-points, kind of game. Sure it's exciting for the fans and generated them a lot of wins a year ago, but it has to come back to bite you at summertime.

Too many players get too many points, and then you have to make no-win decisions. I'm pretty shocked they've fallen to the degree that they have, but it's tough to sustain that kind of momentum when every summer you can't afford a Dumont or a Drury or a Briere or next summer, a Campbell. Heck, by all accounts they shouldn't be able to afford a Vanek, but panic's a powerful motivator.

But could your feeble minds conjure a more terrifying line combination than Joe Thornton + Jaromir Jagr + fire hydrant?

Fire hydrant would score 30 goals and sign a 10-year extension.

Earl Sleek said...

The Kings indeed should follow the Blues' lead by giving up their dead weight for quality draft picks.

Oh, and I've been calling Doug Weight "dead weight" early this season, so this was fun to read. I was thinking, "Hey, the Blues traded dead weight for Andy McDonald, not draft picks!"

Kelpfreak said...

"Dead Weight"...ha ha...

All fun and games until he misses a pass and inadvertently sends a game to OT in the final minute.

Nope. Still can't laugh about it.

alejandro said...

Joe Thornton + Jaromir Jagr + fire hydrant?

Plus, fire hydrant is a gritty, sandpaper-type player... his hits feel like getting clocked with an iron bar.

Cheechew said...

We don't need Jagr. Blake would be the perfect fit for us right now. Veteran D-man, point on the PP. Doubt Lombardi would trade in the division to a team in the same division. Lombardi is a shrewd trader so I don't want to even know what we would have to give up to get him.

Alexander Dubcek said...

All the rumors from last season were that Lombardi had a deal working out that would've sent Blake to San Jose for Nabokov (I have no idea how much credence to give these rumors, but I think it was around the time when Nabokov's stock was lower than Toskala's), but it fell through because Blake wouldn't waive his no-trade clause.

So you'd have to think that if (allegedly) Lombardi was willing to deal Blake to San Jose last year when Blake had another year on his deal, then Lombardi surely wouldn't hesitate to send him up north as a three-month rental.