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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Scanner Dorkily: Sketches on Selanne

Brian Burke: "I told [Selanne's] agent, if he makes any decision before the All-Star weekend is over, I'm going to wring his neck."

Teemu Selanne: "Right now, I feel there’s a very good chance I’m going to come back. When? That’s the question. When I feel ready. Every week, I’ve been feeling better and better and better."

I'll have more on this as it officially develops; in the meantime, here's some silly sketches I scanned:

Yeah, yeah. Not the best quality. Next time I'll use a thicker pen.


zot said...

Hee, Finnish Flash. I love how well the Ducks translate to comic book characters, with that one cartoon of Captain Elbows and Co. You could probably have Getzlaf and Perry as the Wonder Twins (your choice of monkey sidekick) and the brothers Niedermayer as Cyclops and Havok (mainly because Scott has an intense gaze and was onetime captain).

Sherry said...

Have you been taking Finnish with your time off? :P

Patty (in Dallas) said...

Great cartoons! Love the Finnish Flash.

Is Selanne a free agent right now? Of course, I assume they'd sign him if wants to come back, but he's not under any contract, is he?

Earl Sleek said...

Selanne's not under any contract; he's been a UFA since July 1st.

Because of his age, also, he is eligible to get cap-friendly performance bonuses on a one-year contract; I think money and cap space won't really be a concern with Teemu, just desire and/or rust.

RudyKelly said...

So it's Parros on the left, I think Perry in the center-right, and Pronger on the right, but who's center-left? He looks like Tintin.

Earl Sleek said...

The problem is that he's in the back row and you can't see that his hands are made of stone.

That's Marchant.

Patty (in Dallas) said...

I think money and cap space won't really be a concern with Teemu, just desire and/or rust.

That's what I thought. I have read some places that he's holding up the team like Niedermayer did, but I think the fact that he's a free agent makes it much different.

morbo said...

Pretty good, Getzlaf looks pretty close to the real thing ... except he has too much hair. But when did Teemu get a chin transplant? Where's the square jaw?