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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Even the Shirtzooka is working against the Kings

Nice attempt JT, but the non-remix Eastern Motors ads are in a class by themselves. This shirtzooka ad for I'm not sure which company, sums up the Los Angeles Kings season pretty well.

Best hockey ad alltime is still a tie between the Nike French Canadian cabdriver and the Nike Mats Sundin vs Mats Sundin fan ad. Honorable mention to the ESPN Ball of Hockey knowledge ad.

Best hockey ad out of San Jose was either an eye doctor one with "NHL Super Star" Stephane Matteau, if a board could act its name would be Stephane, and an old Sportschannel ad that just had a loud fuzz pedal guitar riff and guys dropping pucks on bubble hockey players. Joe Thornton is making a run at the top spot with his Do these pants make my Butt look big and toaster ads.


Earl Sleek said...

Ha, that ad is pretty funny. I don't think it's actually the Kings, but they came as close as they could without paying "royalties" (get it?).

Poor Kings. Can't even make money when they're being disparaged on the commercial airwaves.

Anonymous said...

You know it is fiction because LaBarbera is actually stopping pucks, errrrr, shirts.

jamestobrien said...

Yeah, I think that the best parts of my commercial post was actually in the links rather than the YouTube clips.

I made sure to make a specific link for Eastern Motors commercials (the remix thing just made me laugh, especially with the slomo replays) and of course the Penguins ads.

Honestly, it was more or less an excuse to share Eastern Motors with the world. One of the things I'll certainly remember from my 3.5 months in DC.

Bryan said...


leanne said...

The shirtzooka thing was from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission's gambling-on-sports product.

There was a whole bunch of these... a football team's Gatorade got spiked with muscle relaxant, an aging sports owner insisted that his hockey team suit up not just with throwback jerseys, but throwback everything...good times.

PJ Swenson said...

Looks like the shirtzooka ad was gaffled. Tell the Kings fans at Youtube it was actually a Canadian commercial.

I never knew where Eastern Motors was, I just knew they had Ford, Honda, Chevy, Beamers, and minivans.