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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ducks Gameday—The Prongermayer Record

Dallas Stars (25-17-5, 3rd in west) at Anaheim Ducks (24-17-6, t-4th in west)

Since the Ducks acquired Chris Pronger in the summer of 2006, they have played a total of 150 games -- 129 regular season plus 21 playoffs. In the 95 games that have featured both Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger, they are 45 games above .500. In the 55 games that have only featured one of them, they are 2 games above .500. Of course there are some factors to consider (Pronger missed time while Giguere and Beauchemin were injured, and Scott missed the whole hangover thing), but still the record when both are available is impressive:

Both Chris and Scott:
95 gp, 63-18-14, .737 win%, 3.01 GF, 2.09 GA, PP 20.6%, PK 85.2%

Only one of them:
55 gp, 25-23-7, .518 win%, 2.60 GF, 2.76 GA, PP 17.6%, PK 81.9%

When it comes to Norris captains, 1 + 1 = awesome.

The Stars come to town tonight having outscored the Niedermayerless Ducks a combined 10-2 in the first three meetings of the year; the Ducks haven't scored an even-strength goal in the season series yet. Still, the Ducks have gone 6-0-1 over their last seven home games, and are making early season issues seem pretty distant.

And with winning ways comes luck. As cheesy as Weight's tying goal was off Semenov's foot, you know what it reminded me of? A late-game, cheesy tying goal in G5 against Detroit off Lidstrom's shaft. Bounces and breaks come and go, but it's nice to have 'em hit you in key moments.

Prediction: This game ends a favorable stretch in the schedule. After tonight, the Ducks will play 12 of 13 on the road, with only a home date with the Red Wings to break the madness. Ducks 3, Stars 1. Goals by Schneider, Getzlaf, and Moen. Pahlsson probably won't play, but he still scores in spirit.

Go Ducks.


alejandro said...

Sleek, he's the Ducks' leading goal scorer; you'd think he'd get more mentions in score predictions...

At the moment, All your (1 out of every 5) goal belong to Perry.

Earl Sleek said...

Hm, am I slighting? Without Pahlsson in the lineup I'm a prediction mess.

Still, I guess not predicting Perry goals has been useful; the guy seems committed to prove me wrong.

Prove me wrong, kids. Prove. Me. Wrong.

spade-in-victorhell said...

we need to beat dallas once and for all...the key IMO is score early get them out of there defensive shell...Im gonna need to get drunk for this one...playing dallas is gonna be a snore...word of advice(assuming turco is playing)...all dump ins must be in the trapizoid...turco thinks hes a defensmen back there..that douchebag

Anonymous said...

You would never say that "our kids have no future" sleek!

Earl Sleek said...

You would never say that "our kids have no future" sleek!

Yeah, I guess. If Perry gets in a salary struggle you might get surprised what I say then.

I'm actually pretty excited that Miller got called up; I'm hoping he's in for Sutherby. Drew's a kid who's got some future--he's doing a lot of the little things right.

Prove me wrong, Sutherby.

spade-in-victorhell said...

Earl your man bochenski is looking decent..I like his speed and "nose" for the puck..he seems hungry on offense....he almost scored again but rang pipe..

your thoughts?

with bob nieds out..and sami almost back I thought having sami and carter(i realize there both centers or centre's hahaha...centre's tee-hee) with moen would be a sick line...carter had a team high 6 or 8 i forget...and again a magician on the face-off...butt damn..i heard bobby is coming back...

spade-in-victorhell said...

6 or 8 shots

Earl Sleek said...

your thoughts?

Yeah, I think Bochenski's been a great fit. The top lines already have plenty of passers, but one less Teemu than they used to, so a shoot-first kind of guy is certainly welcome. I think as he and Weight develop some groove, this could be a great fit.

As for the stopper line, I like the idea of trying a Pahlsson-Carter-Moen line (they used two centers last night with Marchant and Carter). I'm not sure what the ideal matchup line will be with everyone returned, but I like the idea of a responsible fourth line, too, and so far it looks like a real possibility.

spade-in-victorhell said...

some good points about us having pass wacky guys...I remember last nite bertuzzi having a great chance for a shot but he got cute and passed to no one....

i think your right..we need guys confident in thier ability to score and who are selfish and take the shot i.e. teemu and schiedner to an extent...he shoots like its going out of buisness

p.s. prediction ghost faced hilla..starts against the preds