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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Would of Thunk It?

Everything was going so well for the Sharks tonight. Dominating play versus a dysfunctional Dallas team who fired it's well respected GM, reassigned it's team president and made Brett Hull a co-GM. Going into the 3rd period, they did what I always despise....a defensive shell. Sure enough Dallas picks up the big MO and tie the game with 2 quick goals. The Sharks were lucky just to get to OT. Then the unexpected happens. Dallas is 22-5 all-time in shootouts while the Sharks are 3-9 (0-2 this year). A sure win for the Stars right? Just like that, goals by Setoguchi and Marleau and the Sharks escaped with 2 pts. 3 wins in a row and a rematch with Phoenix tomorrow. This will be the Sharks/Coyotes 3rd game in the last 6 days and the Coyotes 3rd straight versus the Sharks.

When the season started, if I asked you who would be the Sharks 2nd leading scorer at this point, what would you say? Obviously Thornton would be #1, but who be 2nd? Marleau? Michalek? Cheechoo? No one would of guessed Roenick but with an assist tonight, he now has 11 pts. Even more amazing, who do you think leads the team in +/-? Keep guessing cause you will never would of known that Doug Murray leads with a +12 (after another impressive +3 tonight). This is a sign of a good team where you don't have to rely on your big guns every night. Now only if they can stay consistent.


spade-in-victorhell said...

damn sharks....don't start pulling away with the division...were (the ducks)still trying to catch up

p.s. new rule ....when playing pacific division opponents no more OT games...enough of these extra points

RudyKelly said...

I wonder if there was another game where Turco let in 2 goals AND Jussi Jokinen didn't score.

It's seems unfair that the Kings and Sharks get the same number of points for their overtime victories over the Stars. Shouldn't the Kings have gotten 5 points for that win or something?

Megalodon said...

Douglas Murray is the greatest guy in the whole wide world. Marleau is waking up, which is good. Setoguchi is awesome.

Things are good in Sharks-Land at just the right time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Kings should have gotten 5 points for the win but Dallas should have gotten negative points instead. Sharks are finally getting things on track. Time to start pulling away from the pack.