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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Of All the Games to Miss...

...I miss this one. Argh. I did this last year too, when I missed the Dodgers' 4 home run game against San Diego because I watched the series premiere of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. (Thanks a lot, Sorkin.) Earl did a quality job recapping the game already (read that here), although I'm a little concerned about his fetish for taking secret pictures of men's asses.

Was the game as amazing as it seems in my head?

The Kings have a dynamic offense, porous defense, and average goaltending; I'm not a chef or anything, but those seem to be all the ingredients for a heart-attack team. So far this year, I'd say they've played 4 games that could be classified as "ridiculous." (STL, BOS, CGY, and now DAL) A part of me likes watching this team because they're exciting as hell, but another part of me wishes they were a little more boring. You know, a 3-1 game every once in a while, that's all I ask.

Oh, and the legend of Anze Kopitar continues to grow.


RudyKelly said...

Oh, and for the record: that post was fucking perfect when I sent it to Meg, his e-mail service must have messed it up.

Chris in Torrance said...

You missed a great on Rudy. I almost turned it off after the second but decided to watch the third to see if the Kings would show any heart. They showed some heart alright!!

CKim said...

You basically missed the most amazing game EVER. Sorry to rub it in, but honestly, it was fucking incredible. I don't know what the F you were doing, but you were definitely NOT watching Turco getting his ass handed to him.

For my recap: http://purplecrushedvelvet.blogspot.com/2007/11/shot-that-won-game.html

kb said...

this game freaked criss angels mind.

Anonymous said...

I had tickets to that game. Why did I miss it? Friend's birthday.... I no longer care to see that friend ever again. Unless I have a meat cleaver, machete, or other unnecessarily large and violent blade of some sort.