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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Rob Blake's full name is Robert Bowlby Blake.


His middle name is BOWLBY. B.O.W.L.B.Y.

"Hey, nice stop out there Bowlby." "Good ol' Bowlby, how's it going, Bowlby?" "Been bowling lately, Bowlby?" (This is the point where he'd kill me, and my dying words would be, "Damn you... Bowlby...")

This is another reason I couldn't be an NHL GM:

"Hey, this Rob Blake guy seems pretty good, let's take hi- wait, his middle name is Bowlby? What the hell? Screw that nerd, let's take Scott Luik instead."

Bowlby. I can't say it without laughing. Imagine if that was his first name. His name would be Bowlby Blake.

Hehe. Bowlby.

(This is how I choose to deal with my anger when my team gets shut out 2 games in a row.)


hellohockeyfans said...

I bet Keli Corpse would have been a 1st rounder for you then.

RudyKelly said...

Oh yeah, and hat tip to my brother for pointing this out.

Megalodon said...

It's not true, I just engaged in some wikipedia vandalism to mess with you.

I love the internet - who the hell knows if anything is true anymore?

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, and if this Ducks blogger wasn't so overwhelmed today, you might have seen posts about Bryzgalov, Sutherby, and Getzlaf.

Fuck! Why'd they choose my vacation weekend to break all the big news?

Some rational thoughts late tonight or tomorrow.

spade-in-victorhell said...

yea sleek...had to read sharks and kings garbage all day....thanx man...

p.s. i have cartoon withdrawls by the way..

p.s.s. misspelled word of the day for the spelling nazi's
"lick my bals"

spade-in-victorhell said...

sorry garbage was a strong word..i enjoy rudy's and the sharks guys blogs....i took my anger out on them cuz there was no ducks blogs...apologies

RudyKelly said...

Yeah, $5 million a year for Getzlaf? You guys should have tried arbitration; you can get point-per-game players for $2.5, easy! Or, you can get nine first-round draft picks if you'd like.

You don't have to lie, Spade, I know they're garbage. (*sob!)